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Microwave International Media Art Festival open call for entries:
video and CD Rom art works. Deadline 30 September 2001. Send previews
with image files, CV, and art work synopsis to: Microwave International
Media Art Festival, Unit 13, Blk PB 567, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63
Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Special Administrative
AiR_PORT 03 ˆ Call for Applications
Forum Stadtpark Artists-in-Residence-Program 2003

Working Grant : working grants for artists whose work takes an interdisciplinary
approach; term of one to three months with active integration in the Tuesday Series
(regularly scheduled talks/events), participation in workshops with local artists,
discussions with students, as well as a concluding presentation.

Project Grant : focused on conceiving, organizing and carrying out ventures of
special interest and projects involving guests from Austria and abroad in Forum
Stadtpark. A total of eight grants will be awarded.

The grants are in the amount of 872 Euros per month and include the use of the
technical infrastructure (audio studio and video editing equipment, etc.) and facilities
(seminar room/club/library/archive), the option of living in a Forum Stadtpark guest
apartment (or an alternative residential arrangement or receiving an additional 218
Euros per month), as well as a project budget depending on the respective
proposal and the institution‚s available financial means. The choice of recipients is
made by an independent jury; the decision regarding the project budget is made by
the Forum Stadtpark‚s management.

Formats : DIN A4, max. 20 pages, bound; biography: DIN A4, max. 3 pages; when
submitting media (max. 1 medium): CD-ROM (Mac- or PC-compatible) or video
(VHS), format clearly labeled, index on an accompanying sheet.

Submit applications with a time budget and working plan as well as an estimate of
the project‚s cost by November 15, 2002 to: Forum Stadtpark, Stadtpark 1, A-8010
Graz, Austria, or via mail to: forum@mur.at.
deadlines extended to (at least) aug. 15. still looking for amazing
female musicians, filmmakers, artists, writers, performers and
cultural engineers of all kinds. also seeking donations and
sponsors. actual event is november 8-11 at the palace theatre
best just check out the website: http://
Deadline: August 16, 2002
Written contributions/art which relate to the media field at large, with a focus on independent, documentary, grassroots, underground or experimental media making
the SQUEALER, Squeaky Wheel/Buffalo Media Resources' media arts journal

Please consider contributing! Email with questions.

The Squealer
Squeaky Wheel/Buffalo Media Resources
175 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo NY 14201
716-884-7172 ph
716-886-1619 fax
Deadline: For exhibition Fall, 2002
Works in any media smaller than 8"x10"
Gallery 304, Great Barrington MA

Gallery 304 is seeking submissions for a Fall exhibit entitled "Anything Goes". Works in any media smaller than 8"x10". No jury. Five dollar handling fee. For detailed information send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Gallery 304, 304 Main Street, Great Barrington MA or email GalleryThree04@aol.com

or you can telephone at 413 644-9009.


                                         Call for Entries:
                                       Deadline Sept. 16, 2002
                        Juror: Weston Naef, Curator of Photographs, J. Paul Getty Museum
                                      Top Artist Award: $10,000

Download prospectus at www.photography.org


CALL FOR SHORT WORK ON VIDEO for I/O (#4): "San Francisco".

Work on VHS tape (NTSC) must be submitted with a completed application form (download this IO4_SanFrancisco.pdf document at http://homepage.mac.com/iopublicvideo)
and SAsSE (Self Addressed sufficiently Stamped Envelope). An extra copy on MiniDV can be included for quality reasons. Artists from outside the US, please add $5 for handling and return of the work. Submissions may be made by mail or in person to:
Quotidian Gallery
c/o Michael Smit
760 Market Street  #252
San Francisco
CA 94102
Angers, France
Datum dogodka: 17-26 January 2003
PREMIERS PLANS - The European first films festival
Reveal new European filmmakers through a selection of about 60 first films presented in four competitive sections: i.e. European first feature films, European first short films, French first short films and European student films.

More on the web site!
Rok prijave: 31/10/02
54 rue Beaubourg
75003 Paris
tel: 33 1 42 71 53 70
fax: 33 1 42 71 01 11

Nantes, France
E.R.B.A.N. Fine Arts School of Nantes
MULTIPOINT, groupe de recherche
There is a new situation in Nantes open to all persons who have a specific interest and involvement in the field of contemporary art.
Call for activists, arbitrators, architects, art historians, choreographers, curators, collectors, composers, critics, designers, economists, editors, film-makers,gallerists, graphic artists journalists, philosophers, poets,photographers psychoanalysts, scenographers, sociologists, sound artists, storytellers, stylists, translators, visual artists, web-designers, writers.. 
The new programme: MultiPoint, groupe de recherche is the result of a restructuring process of the former post diplôme of the Ecole Regionale des Beaux-Arts of Nantes. 
MultiPoint is made of seven core-members and invited collaborators. The group is assuming responsibility for organisation and decision making. The team will function as a self-defining, self-managed working group with active, responsible roles for each person involved, where the individual practice and the group projects are mutually supportive. 
The working group will directly engage with the school and the city of Nantes, with an intention to examine the possibilities for reworking interactions with an institution. The members of the Groupe de Recherche will each benefit from a monthly bursary plus technical support from the ERBAN.
The Groupe de Recherche MultiPoint invites those people interested in this working context to present their proposals/dossiers for the session 2003 (working session June 2003-May 2004); The proposal must also be accompanied by an administrative application form (obtainable from the ERBAN). 
The contents of the proposal is for each applicant to interpret as they see fits the particular context of MultiPoint. 
MultiPoint 01 : (session 2002-2003)
Dessislava Dimova, April Durham, Christine Laquet, Olive Martin, Michelle Naismith, Douglas Park
Rok prijave: 20/12/02
Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts
Place Dulcie September
44000 Nantes
tel: +31 2 40 35 90 20
fax: +31
Vir podatka:  Institut za suvremenu umjetnost 
Fluxus - International Film Festival at Internet
Call for entries
A new name, a new idea. Brasil Digital - Brazilian Film Festival at Internet(www.brasildigital.org), in its 3rd edition, is now FLUXUS - INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AT INTERNET. 

Francesca Azzi
tel: 55 31 3296.8042
fax: 55 31 3293.1582
Vir podatka:  Artinfo 


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