[artinfo] FW:Fwd an online exhibition of artists short films launches

FW:Fwd Online Films info@fwfwd.org
Wed, 7 Aug 2002 16:12:06 +0100

FW:Fwd online exhibition of artists short films
Now available online at http://www.fwfwd.org

FW:Fwd is an online exhibition of short films by 8 international artists
which explores new ways that the public can access work online. Using the
highly effective techniques of viral marketing to disseminate and broadcast
films, visitors to the site can join a mailing list to access the films via
email or view the current collection online. The opening programme of films
have been chosen for their diversity - of approach, content and technique
and includes films by Jesse Ball, Victoria Bickell, Brian Doyle, Richard
Fenwick, Selina Herbert, Liane Lang, Johanne Nissen and Jorn Staeger.

The opening selection of films were selected by Red Leader Industries who
specialise in working on new media projects with arts organisations and
individuals. The FW:Fwd project will offer a rolling programme of films,
selected by Red Leader and by external curators.

For more information regarding FW:Fwd please contact Katherine Green.
Email: mailto:info@fwfwd.org  Web: http://www.fwfwd.org

Exhibition of Online Films
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