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Wed, 07 Aug 2002 09:27:57 +0000


NO gallery, 4th Floor, The Chocolate Factory, Western Road, London. N22

15th August  1st September 2002
115pm Friday to Sunday and by appointment
Private view 69pm Wednesday 14th August

NO gallery would like to invite you to riff, collaborative new works by Alex 
Baker, Kit Poulson and Raine Smith.

riff is a combination of works in sound, light and paint that explores the 
contradictions of repetition and progression. The artists have collaborated 
to create an environment in which paths and rhythms connect their work, 
forming an immersive experience which functions both as a whole and in terms 
of its individual elements.

Raine Smith manipulates the mechanics of cameras and the principles of 
photography to produce images that lead the eye through pathways of focus 
and depth of field.

Kit Poulson works with painting and live art, producing works that generate 
both a sense of place, loss and searching.

Alex Baker explores the physical presence of sound, visual perception and 
memory. Manipulating simple components he creates displaced experiences of 
the world.

For further information or make an appointment please contact 07968 034 281 
or visit www.cityofimagination.com/riff

We look forward to seeing you,

NO gallery

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