[artinfo] [UNXposed] FW: launch of media art and new music calendar

Jose-Carlos Mariategui jcm@amauta.rcp.net.pe
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 16:23:06 +0200

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Angela Plohman

Alicia Zuckerman

Joel Chadabe

Albany, New York, April 22, 2002 - Intelligent Arts, Inc. announces the
launch of ArtsElectric, a new on-line calendar, internet directory, and
information resource for new music and media arts.

"Our mission is threefold," says Joel Chadabe, composer and president of
Intelligent Arts, Inc. "We want to share our enthusiasm with the general
public about the fascinating cutting-edge developments in music and art
happening in today's world. We will promote the musicians, artists, and
producers who are creating and presenting this music and art. And we
provide a central information resource for curators, presenters, and
other professionals who need to know what is happening in these fields."

Event and artist information is provided to users through: a regularly
updated and dynamically searchable database; feature articles focused on
key people, projects, issues, and events; highlighted mentions on
important pages within the site; and a monthly email newsletter.

All articles and features will be archived, indexed, and kept accessible

The internet directory will direct users to websites of other resources,
organizations, and media centers, as well as associated artists and

ArtsElectric also introduces the Artists' Guide to the World, a database
listing artists' restaurant and hotel recommendations, travel tips, and
other travel-related information. The Artists' Guide to the World, a
travel resource for artists on the road, will grow into an informative
and useful resource for anyone who enjoys food and likes to travel.

The startup team of ArtsElectric includes Joel Chadabe, New York, as
Executive Editor; Angela Plohman, Amsterdam, as European and Media Arts
Editor; Alicia Zuckerman, New York, as North American and Music Editor;
and Robert Gluck, New York, as Associate Editor.


Joel Chadabe, Executive Editor
Composer known for his work in electronic music, Joel Chadabe is the
author of 'Electric Sound,' a comprehensive overview of electronic
music. He is currently director of the Electronic Music Studio at
Bennington College and president of Electronic Music Foundation.

Alicia Zuckerman, Editor (North America)
Alicia Zuckerman is also editor of New York Magazine's CUE Classical &
Dance page and a cultural affairs contributor to various productions of
National Public Radio, Public Radio International, WNYC and WAMC Radio.
She lives in New York City.

Angela Plohman, Editor (Europe)
Angela Plohman recently left her position at the Daniel Langlois
Foundation in Montreal to live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There, she
co-founded 'nonbreakingspace,' an international non-profit organization
providing administrative services to media artists and organizations who
need help with funding, documentation and project management.

Robert Gluck, Associate Editor
Robert Gluck is a composer/performer with interactive electronic music
systems and composer of interactive installations. He is currently
director of the Electronic Music Studio at the University at Albany and
associate director of Electronic Music Foundation.