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Subject: VIPER 22

April 2002, Basel

Invitation for Submittals to the International Competition and Swiss
Media Art Show

Dear Film and Video Artists:
Dear Media Artists:

The 22nd season of VIPER - International Festival for Film Video and
New Media - will take place this year in Basel from October 23 - 27.
The Festival Center is the Theater Basel along with cinemas in the
nearby vicinity. Further information can be found at the Website

Again this year VIPER will present international innovative and
experimental artistic media productions. Artistic strategies that
establish links and cross borders form the core of the Festival.
International and Swiss productions of well-known and renowned
artists are included; equally represented are works of newcomers.

Various commissions will make the selection of works for the
competitions. For prize categories and qualifications for submission,
please refer to the enclosed Regulations sheet. The deadline for
submissions is June 15, 2002. A jury of experts will award the prizes
in October during the Festival in the context of a special awards

Attention Swiss Artists! Please note that you can also submit your
work to the international competition.

The address for entries and further information for the Online
Competition for works employing QuickTime, Flash and Shockwave will
be available at the VIPER Website (www.viper.ch) after June 15th.

Besides the competitions at the center of this year's Festival is the
topic "PUBLIC PRIVACY - How does the private become public?".
Addressed through the VIPER Forum, the topic will be explored through
a special program including a Symposium, art project presentations
and a retrospective. Thereby VIPER 22 will thematicize one of the
most definitive determinants of everyday life, the distinction
between "private" and "public", which through digitalization and new
communication technologies is undergoing radical revision. VIPER 22
will probe under the surface of this development to find out what new
social, cultural and aesthetic regulations and codes of the private
in public are being invented and practiced.

We would be very pleased to discover your latest work among the
Best regards,


VIPER 22 from October 23-27 in the Theater Basel
Submission Deadline: June 15, 2002	Address: VIPER, P.O. Box 4002
Basel Switzerland