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Subject: World of Art - series of lectures Strategies of Presentation 2

World of Art 2000/2001
series of lectures Strategies of Presentation 2

World of Art educational program aims at filling the gaps in the field of t=
heoretical reflection and curatorial practices in contemporary art in Slove=
nia. It's fifth year is launching the Course for Curators of Contemporary A=
rts, Workshops on Contemporary Arts Theory and Criticism & Workshops on Con=
cepts of Contemporary Visual Art Practises and a series of lectures entitle=
d Strategies of Presentation2. Within this year's series we have invited ei=
ght artists, curators and critics to present their own curatorial and artis=
tic practices, by definition more innovative and challenging than main-stre=
am ones as established within the art system.

The third lecture of this year's series will be held on Tuesday, 23rd April=
 at 8 pm in the Skuc Gallery  in Ljubljana and repeated on Thursday, 25th A=
pril  at 8 pm in Municipal Gallery in Nova Gorica. Lecture In Between: Inde=
pendence and the Lures of Institutionalisation will be delivered by the WHW=
 curatorial team: Ana Devic, Natasa Ilic and Sabina Sabolovic.

There's free admission to both public lectures!

Cordially invited,

Sasa Glavan

director of World of Art program

SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts - Ljubljana


"What, How and for Whom" has been initiated in Zagreb in late nineties as a=
n informal network between publishing house Arkzin/Bastard, Multimedia inst=
itute mi.2 and curatorial team (Ana Devi=E6, Nata=B9a Ili=E6, Sabina Sabolo=
vi=E6) for the project on the occasion of 150th anniversary of Communist Ma=
nifesto. The exhibition "What, How and For Whom, on the occasion of 152nd a=
nniversary of Communist Manifesto" (Zagreb, Croatian Association of Artists=
, 2000, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna 2001) focused on the relations betwee=
n art and economy in works by 50 European artists. In 2001 curators collect=
ive "What, How & for Whom" registered as non-profit non-governmental organi=
zation for visual arts.  In 2001/2002 WHW has organized "Broadcasting Proje=
ct, dedicated to Nikola Tesla", a series of lectures, publications, radio b=
roadcasts and interventions, and contemporary art exhibition (Technical Mus=
eum, Zagreb, February 2002). WHW is currently developing the project with t=
he youngest generation of Croatian and Slovenian artist for Mestna galerija=
 Ljubljana in June 2002 and for Croatian Association of Artists in Zagreb i=
n December 2002.


The lecture In Between: Independence and the Lures of Institutionalization =
focuses on the activities of "What, How & for Whom", curatorial and organiz=
ational team from Zagreb that gathers several curators, art historians, des=
igners and cultural theorists. WHW acts at the sliding area negotiated betw=
een different models of non-formal institution, creative group, organizatio=
nal team, 'institutionalized friendship' and activism, including in its act=
ivities different partners and initiatives. WHW is not the model in itself =
nor does it have the program or permanent working space. It tries to fill i=
n the gaps of the local cultural scene acting at the intersections between =
popular, elite and alternative culture in differentiated model that enables=
 investigation of representational strategies, exhibiting forms and actions=
 in public space and working out of a parallel "cultural policy" and infras=

WHW is a very fragile group, yet it is more than assembly of fellow-minded.=
 Its actions are based on synergy in certain time at certain place, appropr=
iating models and systems and coexisting within them. What is a future of s=
uch borderline concept and are there solutions in between dissolution and i=
nstitutionalization as its extreme points?

Series of lectures are co-organized with Skuc Gallery and Kapelica Gallery =
in Ljubljana and Municipal Gallery Nova Gorica.

Program World of Art is supported by Ministry of Culture of Slovenia

NEXT: A lecture Art Newspaper by Ivana Kesser on May 14th at 8 pm in Skuc G=