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>           European Media Art Festival
>                24.-28. April 2002
>                   Osnabrueck
>                   www.emaf.de
>EMAF stands for the European Media Art Festival, one of the most
>extensive media events world-wide. This year's motto is
>"New Images - New Stories - Art in Modern Media".
> >From 24 to 28 April 2002, Osnabr=FCck will be the most important
>meeting place for specialists from the fields of art, culture
>and the media economy, as well as for wide interested audience.
>As a forum for international media art, the EMAF shows films,
>videos, performances, multimedia installations and digital media
>such as CD-ROM, DVD and the Internet. Besides productions by
>internationally renowned artists, the works of young innovative
>new talents will also be presented. Including quite a number of
>world- european- and german premiers,
>    The programmes:
>    - Int. Film and Video selection
>    - The Virtual Actor
>    - New Asian Cinema
>    - Underground Zero - 9.11.
>    - Exhibition: "It. The nature of machine"
>    - congress
>    - Electronic Lounge
>    - Student Forum
>    - Performances
>//Accreditation forms at: www.emaf.de //until 15.04.02//
>To accompany the festival, we are showing a gripping exhibition
>entitled "It. The nature of machine: robotic and machine art
>by Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn (Qu=E9bec/Canada)",
>from 24 April to 20 May in the art gallery Domenican Church.
>The cinematic framework of the festival is the international
>film and video programme, an author retrospective, as well as
>exciting extra programmes. A total of approximately 200 films
>and videos will be shown, including experimental short and
>long films, poetic videos, videoclips and entertaining flash
>animations. A wide spectrum providing extensive insights into
>contemporary art and media production.
>The geographic emphasis is placed on the media scene in Asia,
>and in China and Korea in particular. The film scene in these
>countries is currently in the process of changing fast, in part
>as a consequence of political liberalisation and economic
>development, leading to the emergence of a new, self-confident
>art and cultural scene.
>Our special subject deals with the "Virtual Actor" - films in
>which computer-animated figures or'human' actors, rather than
>people, act in a virtual environment. The differences between
>thereal and the virtual worlds are increasingly blurred.
>Theoretical aspects related to this subject will be discussed
>at the congress.
>An extensive retrospective is dedicated to the Canadian Al Razutis,
>whose oeuvre range from experimental films to media-theoretical
>texts. At the beginning of the nineties, he also started
>working with 3D videos.
>"Underground Zero" is the title of a tense film documentation
>on the events following 11 September, which the EMAF will
>be showing for the first time in Europe. A week after the
>terrorist attacks, the American film-makers, Jay Rosenblatt
>and Caveh Zahedi, called over 150 experimental and documentary
>film-makers, in order to request them to contribute to a film
>project concerning this event and its aftermath.
>This issue, among many others, is also dealt with by the
>congress in the form of thecontribution entitled
>"Urban Collisions: New York", in which the visual representation
>of the events after 11 September are analysed.
>In collaboration with German universities and academies,
>the Student Forum presents brand-new productions from all
>over the world. EMAF's cooperative partners this year
>include the Bauhaus University of Weimar, Mainz University
>of Applied Sciences, as well as Hannover University of Applied
>The award ceremony promises to be full of suspense. The
>Deutsche Filmkritik prize for the best experimental film and video
>oeuvre will be awarded during the festival. The OLB Media Art
>Prize of the EMAF will be awarded to future-oriented media installations.
>We warmly invite you to experience an exciting and multifaceted
>programme with us.
>Your Festival Team
>European Media Art Festival
>Lohstrasse 45a
>D-49074 Osnabrueck
>Tel: +49(0)541/ 21658/25779
>Fax: +49(0)541/ 28327
>E-mail: info@emaf.de
>Concept and festival board:
>Alfred Rotert, Hermann Noering, Ralf Sausmikat
>The EMAF is supported by:
>Nord Media, Hannover
>Stadt Osnabrueck
>Auswaertiges Amt, Berlin
>Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Wissenschaft, Bonn
>Lottostiftung, Hannover
>Oldenburgische Landesbank, Oldenburg
>EU Commission, Brussels
>Botschaft von Kanada, Berlin
>Kulturbuero von Quebec, Berlin
>contributions made by other supporters
>The EMAF is member of the ECFF (European Coordination of Film
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