[artinfo] e-idea international festival Belgrade - call for entries

corrosion/kosmoplovci kosmoplovci@hotpop.com
Mon, 8 Apr 2002 22:27:43 +0100

[official e-idea site: www.artonline.co.yu]

Cultural Centre Kovin/Cultural Centre Novi Sad/Youth Centre Belgrade

The first international festival of digital art grew out of the authors
urge to present themselves, and even more to animate the audience, that is
not closely related to computers, and to introduce new technologies.

e-ide@ festival is a multimedia happening covering large areas of interest.

The festival comprises three categories:
Digital picture,     digital video     and       web design.
Work selection and awards (three awards and six commendations-each
category) by the jury consisted of eminent experts.

Digital picture covers the area of digital photography, generated pictures
and illustrations on the computer. Their origin is not important (there are
no limitations in using software and in size), digital shape and usage of
the computer are essential. As we planned to receive pictures through
internet, the size of bitmaped picture should fits size (RGB).jpeg max. to
13x18 cm (768x1063 pixel) and of resolution 150 dpi, and vector graphic
(.ai, cdr...) max. to 1 mb. The works are going to be examined on the
computer and selection for the display would be printed using A4 printer (Z
53 Lexmark) and photo paper in max. resolution (2400x1200 dpi).

Digital video comprises animation and creating or editing video clips. All
sizes, are accepted including programmed animations in real time (demo), dv
and video works using VHS tape. Received works are going to be estimated
using computer, and selection would be presented through video projector.

Web design is a presentation of active sites and those in preparation in
the field of web communycations and web animations. Three awards and six
commendations for best works. Presentation through video projector,
computer and the festival site.
Max. number of works according to the category is six, timing limited to 15
minutes respectively. The authors are asked to send their e-mail addresses.

e-ide@ will be held three days in each of the towns:
  Kovin 3rd-5th may info: dkkovin@ptt.yu
  Novi Sad 9th-11th may info: kcns@eunet.yu
  Beograd 15th-17th may info: dobinfo@dob.co.yu

The deadline for receiving the works 10th april 2002.
Works to be sent to the organizer or:  e_idea@dl.co.yu

Supporting programme realization CORROSION [www crsn.com]