[artinfo] Fwd: Slovene Way Group show of Slovene artists

Andrea Szekeres asz@c3.hu
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 09:04:43 +0100

>Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 20:00:17 +0100 (MET)
>From: asscgn@iperbole.bologna.it
>Subject: Slovene Way    Group show of Slovene artists
>Slovene Way
>Group show of Slovene artists
>Curated by
>Aurora Fonda
>Opening December 1, 2001
>At 6 p.m.
>The show is going to take place in the Italian city of Bologna and in
>different private galleries: Galleria Mondo Bizzarro, Galleria Neon,
>Galleria Villa Serena.
>The artists invited are: Marko Kovacic, Damjan Kracina, Darij Kreuh, Gorazd
>Krnc, Marko Peljhan, Tadej Pogacar, Natasa Prosenc, Tobias Putrih, Miha
>Strukelj, Damjan Tomazin, Saso Vrabic.
>The exhibition has been organised with the support of the Ministry of
>Culture of the Slovene Republic, in cooperation with the Comitato per i
>diritti Civili delle Prostitute di Pordenone and the Mit of Bologna.
>Slovene Way is an exhibition which offers a view to the Italian public of
>the most interesting researches taking place at the moment in Slovenia. The
>artists that have been chosen are mainly dealing with installation, video,
>painting and photography. The artists will be showing around different
>private galleries in the city of Bologna, which have generously offered its
>hospitality and have shown a particular interest and curiosity towards the
>work of the youngest generation of Slovene authors.
>The result is a wide panoramic of the most worthy of note researches taking
>place today in Slovenia. The visitor will have the chance to create a real
>=ECSlovene way=EE by going in different places of the city and will find in
>each venue a selection of artists. In each place the visitor will have the
>possibility to collect singular postcards of  the works exposed. All the
>collected postcards will then constitute the catalogue of the exhibition
>which it will be possible to keep in a special case that it will be given
>to all the viewer.
>The first of December, at the Neon Gallery it will take place an important
>meeting related to the work initiated during the Venice Biennale by Tadej
>Pogacar, on prostitution. In this occasion the Comintato per i diritti
>civili alla prostituzione, will have an open discussion involving the
>police, the transvestites, the prostitutes and the public. A happening
>which could turn into an interesting event, on the social and artistic
>point of view.
>galleria neon
>via de'Bersaglieri 5/b
>I-40125 Bologna
>tel ++39 051 264008
>fax ++39 051 6562907