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>Subject: Lin Jingjing Exhibition at Art Scene China
>        "Artist's Language"
>          by Lin Jingjing
>           Solo Exhibition at Art Scene China
>       Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, November 15, 
> from 6 - 8pm at our gallery in Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong
>       The exhibition will continue through November 30, 2001
>       Lin Jingjing is a graduate of Beijing's prestigeous Central Academy 
> of Fine Arts. Her "Butterfly" series of paintings was inspired by a 
> Chinese story of two lovers who, like Romeo and Juliet, commit suicide. 
> In the Chinese version of the story, however, the young lovers are 
> reincarnated as butterflies.
>       "The inspiration for my paintings comes from my personal life. Some 
> of the strong feelings that I find difficult to express through words, I 
> can "say" with colors and lines. There are several different reasons why 
> I choose to paint butterflies. Like butterflies, people have an eternal 
> desire to "fly away." I find butterflies to be a symbol of modern day 
> China. As caterpillars, they lead a very simple life, isolated in their 
> small corner of the world with a very limited perspective. But after many 
> changes and a long wait, a butterfly emerges from the cocoon and can now 
> spread out its wings and relish a vast new world. However, a butterfly's 
> sudden change can make it feel confused, lost and self-doubting. Perhaps 
> Chinese people who were not born free will forever feel that they are 
> never really completely free. That is also why I sometimes paint people 
> falling."
>       - Lin Jingjing
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