[artinfo] WRYTING-L

Janos Sugar sj@c3.hu
Thu, 1 Nov 2001 18:59:28 +0100

Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 01:00:07 -0400 (EDT)
=46rom: ryan.whyte@utoronto.ca
Subject: WRYTING-L=20

WRYTING-L is an email list for  theory and writing, focusing on texts and=
 comments presented  by the participants. The  list is managed out  of the=
 Department of History of Art at the  University of Toronto. It is open to=
 anyone, in  or outside the University.  The object is to  provide a forum=
 for  writing  and theory  that  may  not fit  within  the  confines of  a=
 particular discipline, in recognition of the recent interest in operating=
 between and across theories and genres in the humanities and beyond.

We're  interested  in  all  sorts   of  issues  -  'avant-garde'  pieces,=
 psychoanalytical, phenomenological, or deconstructive approaches, etc.

Wryting  is cross-platform,  cross-gender, cross-reason;  it may  involve
embodiments of reader and writer,  abstract language, and the collapse of ge=

WRYTING-L  stems   from  the  older  fiction-of-philosophy   list,  which=
 presented  work  between  literature  and  theory,  fiction  and  poetry,=
 philosophy and  lyric, and  so forth. Any  discussion is  welcome. Please=
 send queries to WRYTING-L-REQUEST@listserv.utoronto.ca. =20