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Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 21:54:04 +1100
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Subject: ECCENTRIC BILLIONAIRE: Call for Submissions


Dear Creative Type:  **ECCENTRIC BILLIONAIRE** is a cross-media event,
supported by the national Next Wave Festival and currently in development.

The FIRST STAGE is web-based: a mix of established and emerging DIY genres
and formats, all circling round the central premise of an Eccentric
Billionaire and his twisted love of funding bizarre social experiments in

Contributors can then incorporate their work into the SECOND STAGE: a live
show to be launched in 2002, a hybrid of traditional theatre and interactive
multimedia in synch with live feeds, real-time interactivity, installation
art, electronica soundscapes and god knows what else.

As well as a general call for submissions, there is also an open competition
for the best submitted pieces in any genre/format, with a first prize of

The details are available at our website: www.ebtv.org.
If you can't access this, all relevant information is repeated below.

ECCENTRIC BILLIONAIRE:   Dirty Money, Clean Fun.

Martyn & Jessica

Mail to:  submissions@ebtv.org
Or:  PO Box 14 North Carlton 3054

Eccentric Billionaire & EBTV are proudly supported by the KickstART program
of the Next Wave Festival


=46iction, essays, articles, rants, mockumentaries, interviews, reality-TV
stuff, expos=C8s, straight text, jpegs, gifs, gif animations, Flash
animations, QuickTime movies, Director movies, normal video, photography,
scanned art, mpegs, mp3s, wavs, anything we've forgotten, and whatever new
ones they'll have invented by the time you're reading this. We want it all!
We want it now!

1st: $200 / 2nd: $125 / 3rd: $75.
If you want your submission considered in the competition, say so in your
covering letter. Entries close on 31st September 2001.  No filesize limit;
everything electronic on IBM-compatible floppy, zip disk or CD;  we can scan
original artwork but take all care with no responsibility; include
self-addressed stamped envelope if you want your work returned.

We're asking for first serial online publication permission as a condition
of submission of material; you retain full copyright.  So we get to put it
on the web and you get to use it anywhere else you like.  Any other use in
another format (e.g. in performance) will be negotiated separately.
Competition to be judged by the EB panel (Martyn Pedler, Jessica Little &
Dean Kiley) all decisions final, no correspondence, blah blah.

The elusively enigmatic Eccentric Billionaire (Part-Packer, part-Warhol),
wants his cash doing more than just making more.  He'd like to think he's
using his untold wealth to subvert the mainstream:  buying up airtime to run
his agit-pop ads; running his own network; cutting the social fabric against
the bias by clever use of game-shows; sending his people into the streets to
reinforce counter-cultural behaviour with cash rewards; patronizing guerilla
street theatre; hawking soft-serve ideologies; etc.


When it stops flogging goods & services, advertising can hard-sell ideology.
So do your own ad (print, TV, radio, web, whatever). Mix'n'match
sloganeering from brand-culture with the 'no-logo' public service
announcement, splice snide media parody with sincere political commentary.
Tell us what you wish your TV would tell you.

What'd you fix if you gave a damn and had a limitless budget? Hand over your
grand plans. Media pranks, social engineering, well-intentioned terrorism, a
new tax system, legal reform, class eugenics, or D) other. Stuff that'd
change the world if only it were broadcast, built, or bankrolled.

Some of Eccentric Billionaire's free money trickles into your life. Explore

the possibilities of a world in which any action can win cash prizes, any
hesitation can cost you big time, and the whims of the rich change lives in
an instant.  Hypothetical encounters in his cash flow, documented on his
top-rating reality-TV channel.

Eccentric Billionaire, acting as fickle patron, also sponsors Real Art that
concerns itself with:  money and power; propaganda and thought-control;
subversion and fascism; philanthropy and publicity; or anything else that
takes his fancy.

The one thing Eccentric Billionaire hates about money is it's too damn
quiet.  He announces where his every red cent is going and wants you to do
the same. Provide outraged editorials on real-life conflicts-of-interest and
media bias, a la Media Watch and Michael Moore.  Find out who's pulling the
strings... and start yanking their chains.

Remember: You may already be a winner!