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   ---------------greetings from blasthaus---------------------------
          we'd like to update you on the current events, exhibits
          and projects related to our organization.


   BLASTHAUS : : presents JOYPAD this THURSDAY, JULY 19TH at DNA

   *more info here: http://www.blasthaus.com/joypad

   *blasthaus invites you to the long-anticipated debut of JOYPAD
   Thursday, July 19th at the DNA lounge, 9pm (& every Thursday after!)

   *also on Thursday, July 19th at SFMOMA: ARTCADE: exploring the
   relationship between Video Games and Art, 5pm-9pm

   *HUBBUB SALON: on Friday, July 20th at 8pm at blasthaus gallery

   *call for entries



   BLASTHAUS : : presents JOYPAD this THURSDAY, JULY 19TH at DNA, 9pm
   In an ambitious effort that began nearly six months ago, blasthaus
   announces the debut of a "futuristic lounge" experience of art and
   music called joypad. Premiering Thursday July 19, (continuing every
   Thursday thereafter) the event coincides with the opening of one of
   San Francisco's hottest new nightclubs, the new DNA Lounge at 375
   11th Street near Harrison in SoMa. Doors open at 9pm and the event
   runs until 2am. Cover charge for the 19th is $5 before 10:30pm and
   $7 after. For full schedule information call 415-789-7690 or visit
   http://www.blasthaus.com/joypad for all the details.

   After nearly six years of presenting ground-breaking events, art
   exhibitions and parties, including the much anticipated series at
   SFMOMA, blasthaus' newest Thursday weekly "joypad" will focus on
   downtempo derivatives of electronic music including lounge, nujazz,
   broken beats and chilled breaks along with experimental counterparts
   on every First Thursday (August 2nd features 3 members of

   For the *GRAND OPENING EVENT* on July 19th, join resident DJs
   as we set the stage for an all-star lineup of international artists
   and musicians to follow.

   Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity)
   Jonah Sharp (Reflective)
   CapitolA (Ovum)
   Oliver Goss (Cosmic Flux)
   visuals by blasthaus
   low tech gaming lounge by BOLT (see SFMOMA event info below!)

   Joypad's format will emphasize an out-of-town headliner each week
   of the downtempo sort in the main room supported by a local DJ,
   then upstairs will venture off into various subgenres and
   microscenes that will change on a weekly basis. Additionally,
   every "first Thursday" session will feature a more experimental
   program in the main room with a downtempo counterpart upstairs.
   The "first Thursday" bookings will coincide with the long-standing
   gallery opening night, for which joypad will look to become an
   official post-gallery gathering spot for something a bit more
   cerebral, but with all the lounge offerings still held in tact
   upstairs also with special guests each week.

   COMING UP AT JOYPAD, every Thursday at DNA: 375 11th Street, 9pm-2am
   August 2nd: The Chopping Channel (Don Joyce, Peter Conheim and
   Weatherman from NEGATIVLAND and Wobbly) also in the upstairs lounge:
   COMPOST RECORDS presents Les Gammas (Austria)

   August 9th: Titonton Duvante (Residual, 2000 Black - Cleveland)
   Jon Tejada (Palette Recordings, L.A.), Tomas (XLR8R) and MontyLuke
   and upstairs: True Intent with Mike Bee, Gabe Real & Jason Greer

   August 16th: Troublemakers (France)
   August 23rd: Nortec Collective (Tijuana)


   Before you head over to Joypad this Thursday, check this out!!!

   The members of SMAC (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Media
   Arts Council) would like to invite you to our second symposium
   "ArtCade: exploring the relationship between Video Games and Art",
   at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. This event aims at
   bringing together artists, academics, industry pioneers, designers
   and technologists, to discuss the dynamics between video games and
   art. In addition to a panel discussion, the event will include
   ArtCade, a showcasing of games with informal presentation by their

   The panel discussion, moderated by Linda Jacobson (co-founding editor
   of WIRED magazine), will feature Nolan Bushnell, inventor of Pong and
   founder of Atari; Will Wright, designer of SimCity and the Sims;
   Lev Manovich, media artist, theorist and author of The Language of
   New Media; and Margaret Crane, media artist and former artist in
   residence at Xerox P.A.R.C.

   The ArtCade will include a cross section of video games from the 70's
   to the present, demonstrations of yet to be released games as well as
   CD-ROM and online work by artists that use the esthetic of video
   games as a departure point in their work.

   DATE: Thursday, July 19, 2001

   TIME: 5:00 p.m. ArtCade Reception - 6:30 p.m. Panel Discussion

   PLACE: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

   The ArtCade will also be open to the public during museum hours on
   July 20th and 21st.

   Ticket for the event on the 19th are priced at $11.00; $7.00 for
   SFMOMA members, students with current ID, and senior citizens.
   Tickets may be purchased in advance without a surcharge at the
   Museum's admissions desk and on the event date, subject to
   availability. Tickets may also be purchased online at TicketWeb
   or by calling Tickets.com at (415) 478-2277 or (510)762-2277.

   To purchase tickets please go directly to:


   HUBBUB SALON: on Friday, JULY 20th, 8-9pm at blasthaus
   Please join us with "artists-in-residence" Sha Xin Wei, Anne-maria
   Korpi and James Hsu for an informal salon prior to a Transcinema
   evening of performance and film screenings. (More info on Transcinema
   lineup will be posted soon to http://www.transcinema.com

   HUBBUB is an investigation of how accidental and non-accidental
   conversations can take place in public spaces, by means of speech
   that appears as glyphs projected on public surfaces. The installation
   takes its meaning from the social space in which it is embedded, so
   its "function" depends on the site we select. For example, in a cafe,
   tabletops and long portions of the walls at eye-level may catch
   snatches of speech and circulate the associated glyphs in a fluid
   sheet traveling from surface to surface. We imagine one person
   speaking a question that has no immediate answer which circulates and
   persists until hours later, when another person speaks a response
   which is layered near the question. In this way, new forms of
   conversation are born in that space. We capitalize on imperfect
   transcription and incorporate technical errors into the presentation
   of the HUBBUB system as an amusingly daft and occasionally deaf

   In the San Francisco verion of Hubbub, we propose build some outdoor
   studies using fabric suspended from buildings or trees.    One or
   more far-field microphones can be embedded beneath the projection
   surface or suspended from above, depending on the venue. Computer
   speech-recognition converts the sound into text which is projected as
   animated glyphs near where the person stands.  These glyphs layer
   across one another as new people speak after prior speakers.    The
   colors and forms of the typography will vary according to the prosody
   of the voice and the textural noise of the environment.  We can use
   the energy of the voices to modulate the autonomous animation of the

   In the summer of 2001, we will build our study for a couple of
   particular sites: the cypress trees by the walkway in Crissy Field,
   and possibly the park in Levi Plaza.   In both cases, we plan to
   suspend sheets of translucent fabric on cable that will form a volume
   that can form and transform in the wind, yet present surfaces onto
   which we can project the animated glyphs.   For the text animation we
   are using Text Organ by Jason Lewis and Alex Weyers of Arts Alliance
   Lab fame (http://www.aalab.net).   We're also beginning to study how
   to perform some simple speech feature extraction in parallel with the
   speech recognition.

   In our presentation, we will describe the project with HUBBUB
   embedded in one or more urban settings, and invite constructive
   criticism, support and playful engagement from artists, technologists
   and fellow travelers.

   hubbub * http://titanium.lcc.gatech.edu/hubbub/

   blasthaus is curating a 3-part series of film/video/net/performance
   on August 10th, Sept 14 and Oct 12 showcasing women artists using
   digital technology and new media. Each program will feature
   screenings, discussions and performances. Confirmed artists include
   Victoria Vesna, Cupcake, Tiffany Shlain, Miranda July, Branda Miller,
   Diane Nerwen, DJ Polywog and others.
   Submissions can be emailed to will@blasthaus.com or mailed to
   blasthaus POBox 420495, SF,CA 94142
   Please include a return stamped envelope if you would like
   materials returned to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

   In addition, blasthaus is currently booking Thursdays at DNA, a
   (weekly) event in San Francisco. We are interested in booking DJs,
   bands, live PA acts, and unusual performance art, visual art and
   media art. Please send all materials as above ATTN: joypad.

   blasthaus will be presenting the 4th annual Transcinema Festival
   in October, 2001 in San Francisco. For more information on this
   e-media festival which aims to present works for screen and
   performance,  visit http://www.transcinema.com

   call for entry : DEADLINE JULY 25th, 2001

   For the competition section of the 5th Graz Biennial on Media and
   Architecture, [art.image] invites you to submit recent works of
   moving images - visit http://www.artimage.at for more info here.
   This festival happens in Graz, Austria.

   FILM - VIDEO - DVD - CD-ROM - INTERNET - that deal in a creative and
   innovative way with architectural spaces and urban issues.