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>If you are over 8 and under 80 years old, make a video for the
>THE ONE MINUTE FESTIVAL invites you to make a video, film or
>animation of 1 minute.
>You can make your MINUTE end in 6 different ways. In a certain
>moment of your script, the whole story can take 6 new directions. To
>new direction the film takes it can never exceed 1 minute. You can
>always play with sound tracks and noises. Using one film with different
>sound tracks you can present new ideas and interpretations.
>R$25,000,00 (REAIS) in AWARDS
>We distribute R$25,000,00 in awards. This year we have created
>a new award for videos "SMALLER THAN 30 SECONDS". This award was
>idealized to people who can express them-self's faster than 30 seconds.
>ideas that can be strong and intense as pictures, that might consume
>with to much time.
>Together with the traditional video category, after last year we
>created a new one, VIDEOS FOR INTERNET.
>To participate you have to think in a little window of 160x120
>pixels. This window is not as clear as many others, for that reason,
>closes are better than open spaces, to focus for a longer time in the
>image is also more interesting than to use camera motions. This video
>another important characteristic, the audio you choose. Remember that
>as audio has better computer system than images, it is its quality and
>adequacy that brings the picture together.
>All minutes that are selected to this category will receive an extra
>R$ 350,00 (reais) as payment for the rights to exhibit each work on
>channel 605 during the week of the show on Brazilians DIRECTV Network.
>This year the theme is free.
>You may choose, freely the subject of your picture, video or animation.
>The date for sending the tape is 10th September.
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