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Dear e-flux readers,

The Museum of Modern Art cordially invites you to view TimeStream,

a broadband Web site by artist Tony Oursler (please click below).

www.timestream.moma.org             http://www.timestream.moma.org

Audiences will follow Oursler's shadow history of telecommunications,

from antiquity up to the present. References to the camera obscura,

Leyden jar, kaleidoscope, and X-ray indicate precursors to today's Web

art, satellites, cell phones, and minuscule surveillance cameras. As an

artist known for constructing phantasmagoric video tales, Oursler has

now co-opted the hard drive.

The site was built by NY designer Eric Rosevear, well known for his gritty

approach to Internet production. Barbara London, Associate Curator,=

of Film and Video, organized and produced the project.

TimeStream is the first in a new series of online projects produced by MoMA.

This program comes at a time when MoMA's Fifty-third Street gallery space is

temporarily constricted while construction proceeds for its new building

project, to be completed in late 2004 to early 2005.

"The portability of the online series and its availability to anyone who has

a  Web connection is an important part of our strategy to engage artists and

audiences in a time of physical change at the Museum," says MoMA Director

Glenn D. Lowry.

TimeStream can be accessed from kiosks at MoMA's Caf=E9, Etc. (on the=

lower level), as part of an installation designed by Oursler.

Contact: Beth English, 212/708-9847 or e-mail: beth_english@moma.org

The Museum of Modern  Art, 11 West 53 Street, NY, NY 10019


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