[artinfo] Call for artists

Agricola de Cologne agricola-w@netcologne.de
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 02:35:29 +0100

      ***Apologies for any cross-posting*** =A0 Call for Artists =A0 A=
 Virtual Memorial - Memorial project against the Forgetting and for =
 Humanity www.a-virtual-memorial.org =A0 is calling for artists: =A0=
is a global language  of artistic expression. And it is also a strong=
 expression of =A0 Remembering-  Repressing-Forgetting, the subject of the=
 Memorial project. =A0 In the summer issue of Features of the  Month, A=
 Virtual Memorial will dedicate the subject of the  Month July or August=
 2001 to Graffiti, and !: from all parts of our  globe. =A0 The=
 project=A0intends to spotlight how graffiti  is used as an artistic=
 expression and language. =A0 Dear artists whereever you are, make some=
 photos from your favorite graffitis in  your hometown, region or elsewhere.=
 Send two photos of a motive, one from a global view (for example of the=
 building  the graffiti is painted on) and another from a close view (for=
 example,=A0  details). =A0 You can send up to three different motives ( and=
 6  images in total). The single image must have .jpg format, and a size  of=
 maximum 800x600 pixels and 100Kb. =A0 Send your images together with your=
 name, email  address and  name of the place(s) where you took the =
 photograph(s). =A0 At least, the 50 most impressive motives will be =
 published on a separate Webpage within the Memorial project.. =A0=
 Participating is free of any charge. =A0 Deadline: 31th May 2001 =A0 please=
 send your submission via email  to graffiti@a-virtual-memorial.org =A0=
 subject: graffiti =A0 best regards from =A0 Wilfried Agricola de Cologne=
 Editor in Chief =A0 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::=
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