[artinfo] [UNXposed] independent art school 25-28 feb

Shabnam deadpoets@fuckyou.co.uk
Thu, 01 Feb 2001 21:37:10 +0100

From: "Pippa Koszerek" <nschool@hotmail.com>

     MODELS OF PRACTICE - A documentary-based exhibition and
     archive/example/discussion of current practices.

     We are invite practising artists and students, and ask: "What are you
     working on now? What are your motivations?"

     =85within your own (art) practice, within your involvement with
art and educational groups/organisations=85

     You are invited to present your current ideas/work at the

Independent Art School

's next event at Dilston Grove in London. This can take the form of a
     talk/discussion, a workshop, a practical demonstration, and/or
the exhibiting of archive material. An archive may include video
footage, audio material, sketchbooks, publications, photographs etc.

     The event will be an opportunity for sharing/exchanging thoughts
and knowledge. A platform for the ideas driving your work. For the
continuation of discussions surrounding what individuals and groups are
learning through their own practice and personal experiences.

The venue is available from Sunday 25th Feb to Wednesday 28th Feb 2001.

     Confirmation of programme and dates will be available in February.

     Please indicate whether you can take part by the end of January
2001. To discuss your ideas, or if you have any enquiries please
contact me (Pippa Koszerek) on (01482) 212 478 or at nschool@hotmail.com

     MODELS OF PRACTICE is part of the Independent Art School's
ongoing process, manifesting itself through regular public events,
publications, websites and mailing lists.

     The Independent Art School

     The Independent Art School's main reason for being is primarily about=
     sharing of knowledge and experiences among artists from different=20
walks of
     life. Taking the stance that education comes from a lifetime's=20
personal and
     shared experience, it lies in being an open alternative to the current
     institutional forms of education. It takes on various forms of=20
activism and
     the facilitating of spaces/environments for art practice.
     Currently it is concerned with dialogue and the sharing of information=
     from art practice.

     Dilston Grove
     Dilston Grove is one of three Cafe Gallery Projects venues in=20
Southwark Park,
     London SE1.

  The venues are run and administered by the
Bermondsey Artist's Group B.A.G.
via a committee. The Live Art programme is coordinated by EMCO and
financially supported by B.A.G. EMCO is particularly interested in
inviting other live artists to realise events that instigate a broad

     Dilston Grove is a huge empty cast concrete church with a small=
     back meeting room. It is very evocative because of its raw concrete=20
     and its unusually high roof.