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A Newsletter *Edition JavaMuseum 01-2001* from JavaMuseum Forum for
Internet Technologies in Contemporary  Art www.javamuseum.org (JAVA=3D Joint
Advanced Virtual Affairs)

Call for Artists *Deadline 31th March 2001*   JavaMuseum Forum for Internet
Technologies in Contemporary  Art (JAVA=3D Joint Advanced  Virtual Affairs)
www.javamuseum.org   is happy to launch its first online project,
entitled: 1st of Java - Perspectives on New  Media   Artists working on
web-based projects are invited  to submit their excellent works in the
Flash, Html, Java,  Javascript, Dhtml, VRML, Quicktime and Miscellaneous
(technologies which do not  fit in the afore mentioned categories).
The project has no specific subject, but is  intending to spotlight the
actual artistic working with new media  technologies.   *Deadline 31th
March 2001*   Until that day, continuously preselections will be  held. The
preselected artists will be posted on the listings.
  The final selection will determine those artists  who will participate in
monthly shows from May 2001 on, each time other featured  artists will be
presented.    Each artist can submit up to three (3) works  in each
category. Participating is free of any charge.   To submit an art work, the
submission page can also  be accessed directly:
http://www.javamuseum.org/firstofjava.htm   For contacting JavaMuseum send
an email to info@javamuseum.org   Best regrds,   Wilfried Agricola de
Cologne Editor in Chief __________________________________________________

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