[artinfo] (fwd) Jheronimus Bosch Adventure Game

Sugar Janos sj@c3.hu
Tue, 25 Dec 2001 10:16:02 +0100

On Monday 3 December 20001, the website www.boschuniverse.com with the
Jheronimus Bosch Adventure Game has been awarded two prizes at the annual
EuroPrix Gala in Lisbon, Portugal. BoschUniverse was chosen as best European
multimedia production in the category =E5Overall Europrix 2001=BC and was al=
first in the category =E5Knowledge, Discovery and Culture=BC.

The Europrix is an annual prize awarded to progressive multimedia producers
and designers in order to acknowledge and generate attention for projects
that offer practical added value to visitors. In the overall contest
Europrix 2001 the EuroPrix Jury selected 29 nominees. The 29 nominees were
divided over 7 categories. In the category =E5Knowledge, Discovery and
Culture=BC in specific 5 projects were nominated.


BoschUniverse can be found on http://www.boschuniverse.com
More background information about the game can be found on:
More background information about EuroPrix can be found on: