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Sugar Janos sj@c3.hu
Tue, 25 Dec 2001 10:27:44 +0100

	M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture

                          Call for Contributors

The University of Queensland's award-winning journal of media and culture,
M/C, is looking for new contributors. M/C is a crossover journal between
the popular and the academic, and a blind- and peer-reviewed journal.

To see what M/C is all about, check out our Website, which contains all the
issues released so far, at <http://www.media-culture.org.au/>. To find
out how and in what format to contribute your work, visit
<http://www.media-culture.org.au/contribute.html>. We're also welcoming
submissions to our sister publication M/C Reviews, an ongoing series of
reviews of events in culture and the media. M/C Reviews is available at

We are now accepting submissions for the following issue:

                'fear' - article deadline: 21 January 2002
                       issue editor: Angi Buettner

As Brian Massumi pointed out in The Politics of Everyday Fear, there is
nothing new about the fact that "fear is a staple of popular culture and
politics". This was in 1993 and today "fear" is no less pervasive as a
global cultural commodity. For a privileged group of people "fear" is
something that can be purchased and actively sought out "for fun"; in
horror films, extreme sports, or travel to "the world's most dangerous
places", equipped with the notorious Worst Case Scenario Handbook. Yet, for
numberless people "fear" is not something to be consumed but a life-
threatening reality imposed on them.


Further issue topics for 2002:

'urban'       (deadline 11 Mar. / release 10 Apr.)
'colour'      (deadline  6 May  / release  5 June)
'loop'        (deadline  1 July / release 31 July)
'self'        (deadline 26 Aug. / release 25 Sep.)
'love'        (deadline 21 Oct. / release 20 Nov.)