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A Newsletter JavaMuseum December 2001
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The team of JavaMuseum wishes
all involved artists, visitors and friends
a Merry Christmas and a Happy successful New Year.
The solo show of MEZ - Mary Anne Breeze (Australia)
will be opened in 2nd week of January 2002.

The exhibition "Visions up and down"
including a group of five international net artists
will be opened in February 2002.

The exact dates will be published in time.
Until then you are invited to visit the current shows and projects
at JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art

1. Solo show Jody Zellen
2. Solo show of Tiia Johannson
3. Online Show 1st of Java - Perspectives on New Media
4. JavaArtist of the Year 2001 Award
5. Actual deadline list

1.Since 5 November 2001, the solo show of
Jody Zellen (USA) is online.
She belongs to a new generation of artists using
the Internet as a platform for their artistic expression, she participated
in lot of well-known international festivals and exhibitions and is
JavaArtist of Year 2001 Award winner.
The solo show collects all of the  net based works
of this fascinating artist.

The works are script based, as well as image based, using
Javascript as technological preference.

The show will run for three months and remain available online for
Visit the show of Jody Zellen on www.javamuseum.org

2. On 8 October the solo show of Tiia Johannson (net artist from Estonia)
The exhibition  includes the most comprehensive collection of 19 net based
art works using as technologies preferably Quicktime, Shockwave and
Javascript. The works of this very talented artist are originating from the
past years and are well represented in international media exhibitions and

Visit the solo show of Tiia Johannson on www.javamuseum.org

3. Since 3 September 2001, the first online show of JavaMuseum is running,
1st of Java - Perspectives on New Media

The exhibition is based on a competition organized online earlier this year.
It gives a snapshot on the actual artistic working with Internet related
The exhibition represents the variety of 37 net artists, many of them
already well known, others are emerging.
The show will run until the end of 2001 and will remain afterwards as an art
source on JavaMuseum server for permanent.
Visit the show on www.javamuseum.org

4. The JavaArtist of the Year Award is given in 2001 for the first time.
JavaMuseum honours following three artists
who combine technology, artistic expression and statement each one in a very
individual way
with a lot of power,
activity, excellence of working and a technology related poetry:

**Tiia Johannson (Estonia)
**Jody Zellen (USA).
**mez [mary-ann breeze], (Australia)

Learn more on www.javamuseum.org

5. Actual deadline list
See more on

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Editor and Director of  JavaMuseum
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Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
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