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>Subject: Ken Friedman: 52 Events
>Show and Tell Editions are pleased to announce the publication of Ken
>Friedman's 52 Events in a calendar diary edition for 2002 together with a
>parallel electronic edition.
>Ken Friedman is a well-known artist and art theorist. Since the l960s, he
>has been associated with Fluxus, the international forum of experimental
>art, architecture, design, and music. Friedman's work can currently be seen
>in the opening exhibition of the Tate Modern.
>Ken Friedman's event scores are a classic example of the subtle,
>multivalent art form known as intermedia. Friedman's projects began as
>"things without names, things that jumped over the boundaries between ideas
>and actions, between the manufacture of objects and books, between
>philosophy and literature." This edition documents Ken Friedman's
>contribution to the early days of intermedia and conceptual art.
>The original Fluxus edition of Friedman's Events was planned in 1966 for
>publication in the spring of 1967. Edited and designed by George Maciunas,
>the 1967 Fluxus edition waited on a large-scale printing order that never
>materialized. While waiting for the Fluxus edition, Friedman began
>exhibiting his event scores and circulating them in small editions of
>various kinds.
>In 1973, the University of California at Davis organized an exhibition
>exclusively composed of Friedman's events. This exhibition marked the first
>time that a Fluxus artist presented an exhibition comprised solely of
>text-based events. The exhibition toured the world in the 1970s, with
>editions of scores appearing in English and in translation.
>When the premature death of George Maciunas ended the Fluxus publishing
>program, Friedman continued to work with the event structure, adding to the
>corpus of events in a continuing series.
>Show and Tell Editions of Edinburgh has gathered a selection of 52 events
>for a calendar diary for the year 2002. This 140 x 158 mm artist's book and
>diary was developed and designed by Paul Robertson. The book is comprised
>of 118 pages plus card wrappers and a dust jacket. Nine pages of detailed
>notes by the artist shed fascinating light on the events and on Fluxus.
>In the original Fluxus spirit, Show and Tell Editions has also published
>the project in a free electronic edition. This is an open edition with the
>complete contents of the book. It is available for download as a .pdf file.
>To access the free electronic edition, go to URL:
>Acrobat Reader is required. It is available free at
>This multiple edition consists of 250 signed and numbered copies (some with
>original drawings by Friedman), together with 10 deluxe examples, and 2
>artist proof examples.
>The 10 deluxe copies are enclosed in an unique, hand-built and hand-painted
>wooden box designed by the artist. The box contains various objects used in
>the event scores including wooden toys, decks of cards, a tube of acrylic
>paint, and a paint brush, all nailed to the outside and inside of the box.
>Each box has a metal plate engraved with the title and number of the box.
>Electronic edition. Free.
>Artist's book. 25 UK pounds plus postage.
>Deluxe multiple. (Only 6 are left)  195 UK pounds plus postage.
>If you are interested in the signed, numbered edition, or the deluxe
>multiple, contact:
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