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Subject: China Art Expo.2001

Dear Madam/Sir,
         I am very glad to inform you that the China
Art Expo.2001 will be held from August 24-28 in
Beijing International Exhibition Center. Approved by
the Cultural Ministry of People=A1=AFs Republic of China,
the China Art Exposition was set up in 1993, and it
has been held annually.
The area of this exposition is 8300m2, containing up
to 400 booths. Participants include galleries at home
and abroad, artworks dealing companies, fine art
institutes, fine art creators, etc. The art works on
display include paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, art
& crafts, publications etc. This China Art Exposition
has become into an internationally distinguished
gathering of art works exchanging and trading.
       If you interest in knowing more about us,
please feel free to contact us.
Our web site: www.cncac.com
E-mail: cncac-expo@263.com / cncaczhaolei@yahoo.com
Tel: 0086-1-65519388
Fax: 0086-1-65514755
We sincerely welcome your participation, and hope to
hear from you!
Best regards,
Zhao Lei
Organizing Committee of China Art Expo.

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