[N&n galeria] ScanMail Message: To Recipient virus found or matched file blocki ng setting.

System Attendant PLUTO-SA at vectrasoft.hu
2005. Ápr. 9., Szo, 22:46:50 CEST

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange has taken action on the message, please
refer to the contents of this message for further details.

Sender = bata at kvadrum.hu
Recipient(s) = nnngaleria at lists.c3.hu;
Subject = [N&n galeria] screen saver
Scanning Time = 04/09/2005 22:46:49
Engine/Pattern = 7.100-1003/991

Action on message:
The attachment web.exe contained TROJ_CHOPENOZ.F virus. ScanMail has taken
the Deleted action. 

Figyelem ! Onnek virusos levele erkezett. Ne nyissa meg !

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