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From: Vasyl Cherepanyn <<mailto:cherepanyn at gmail.com>cherepanyn at gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Sep 1, 2022 at 8:07 PM
Subject: The Reconstruction of Ukraine: Ruination / Representation / Solidarity

A Symposium of Ideas and Strategies

The Reconstruction of Ukraine: Ruination / Representation / Solidarity

A Symposium of Ideas and Strategies

Over 40 expert Ukrainian and international speakers-architects, 
artists, historians, economists, poets and others-will gather this 
September to discuss Ukraine's past, present and future in light of 
Russia's ongoing invasion. The overall theme of the conversation will 
be reconstruction: broadly-conceived to refer to the rebuilding of 
architecture and infrastructure, but also of institutions, social 
bonds, individual and collective bodies and minds. The symposium is 
organized by a network of institutions, including the 
for Urban History in Lviv, 
Forms Center in Kharkiv, 
Biennial / Visual Culture Research Center, 
College London, and 
University. The symposium will take place virtually over the course 
of three days from September 9-11. The official website for the 
symposium, along with more information about the event, can be found 
To register, please follow this 
Accompanying links to the symposium's 
can be found here. 

The round table discussions held over each of the three days will 
range from housing, preservation, masterplanning, the political and 
economic challenges of reconstruction, the impact of gendered and 
sexual violence, remediation of the country's psychological trauma, 
among many other subjects. 

While a majority of the participants will be Ukrainian, most panels 
will also feature non-Ukrainian experts, theorists, or practitioners 
who are able to situate the Ukrainian experience within diverse 
temporal and geographic contexts. For any questions about the 
symposium, please send inquiries to the email address above.

The symposium will be held in English, with simultaneous translation 
into Ukrainian. Proceedings will be recorded and streamed on YouTube 
(LINKED). Edited transcripts from the symposium will be turned into 
an open-access book publication, downloadable online.

The photographs illustrating the symposium website document ongoing 
work on grassroots reconstruction initiatives in Ukraine. The list of 
trusted grassroots reconstruction initiatives and how to support them 
could be found on 

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