[artinfo] European Culture of Solidarity Ukraine edition

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Sat Mar 5 23:28:00 CET 2022

>From: European Cultural Foundation 
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>Subject: European Culture of Solidarity Ukraine edition
>Date: March 4, 2022 at 13:03:38 GMT+2
>European Culture of Solidarity Ukraine edition
>We launched the European Culture of Solidarity Fund - Ukraine edition.
>Putin has brought back war to Europe. This war on Ukraine is a war 
>on Europe. As Europeans we stand resolutely in solidarity with the 
>people of Ukraine and all those, including in Russia, who resist 
>Putin's attempt to rewrite European borders and European history.
>For more than six decades, the European Cultural Foundation has 
>advocated for and invested in a European sentiment, a feeling of 
>mutual comprehension and solidarity between the peoples of Europe. 
>Today, the war in Ukraine asks for a new urgency to this mission. We 
>call on our public, private and philanthropic partners to join us in 
>supporting those who fight anti-European values.
>As a public-philanthropic partnership, the Culture of Solidarity 
>Fund is to support cultural initiatives that, in the midst of a 
>turmoil and crisis, reinforce European solidarity and the idea of 
>Europe as a shared public space. After five successful European, 
>regional and thematic editions, the Ukraine edition is now open for 
>considering cultural emergency requests and joint European actions 
>to stand with Ukraine.

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