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Opening: February 22, 2022

Kunsthalle Praha
Klárov 5
Czech Republic

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Kunsthalle Praha (Prague, Czech Republic) opens 
its doors to the public, offering a brand-new 
space on Prague's cultural map.

The major new not-for-profit organization, 
non-governmental institution, is dedicated to 
bringing new perspectives on Czech and Central 
European art of the 20th and 21st centuries, and 
to creating an open, interdisciplinary space for 
the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The exhibition programme will see up to eight 
exhibitions each year, with a focus on 
contemporary and modern art. The inaugural 
Kinetismus: 100 Years of Electricity in Art,
is on view through June 20, 2022.

Kunsthalle Praha opens its doors today, February 
22, 2022, offering an exciting addition to 
Prague's thriving culture scene. Its dynamic 
programme of short-term exhibitions strives to 
bring modern and contemporary Czech and Central 
European art to a wide audience, connecting it to 
its international counterparts, whilst offering 
innovative educational activities.

Directed by Ivana Goossen and established by the 
Pudil Family Foundation, Kunsthalle Praha is 
located in the former Zenger Transformer Station 
and is the first space dedicated to art to be 
built in the city centre in almost 100 years. 
Designed by Czech architecture studio Schindler 
Seko and spanning 5,700 sq. metres, the space 
includes three large galleries, a design shop, a 
bistro, and a café with a terrace that features 
views of PetÞín Hill and Prague Castle.

The opening exhibition titled Kinetismus: 100 
Years of Electricity in Art celebrates the 
original function of the building and explores 
how electricity has transformed artistic practice 
from the start of the 20th century to the present 
day. Guest-curated and conceived by the Austrian 
post-conceptual artist and curator Peter Weibel 
and co-curated by the Chief Curator of Kunsthalle 
Praha Christelle Havranek, the show will include 
over ninety artworks by artists such as Refik 
Anadol, Marcel Duchamp, Olafur Eliasson, Shilpa 
Gupta, Ryoji Ikeda, William Kentridge, László 
Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray and teamLab.

Kunsthalle Praha will also pay tribute to the 
building's rich industrial past in a second show 
titled The Zenger Transformer Station: 
Electricity in the City, Electricity in 
Architecture, which explores the role electricity 
and modern technology have played in the 
development of the building as well as Prague's 
history more generally.

The space houses one permanent site-specific 
installation titled Cabinet of Electrical 
Curiosities by conceptual artist Mark Dion. As an 
archaeologist of the present, the artist 
assembled the cabinet out of objects and 
artefacts collected on site during Kunsthalle 
Praha's construction.

In order to take full advantage of everything the 
Kunsthalle Praha has to offer, the Kunsthalle 
Praha Membership is currently on offer for the 
public, and will allow visitors exclusive access 
to exhibitions, which will include unlimited 
entry (over 12 months), preview access, guided 
tours and a 10% discount in the Kunsthalle Design 

About Kunsthalle Praha
Kunsthalle Praha (Prague, Czech Republic) is an 
international and interdisciplinary platform for 
art and culture; an open meeting point where art 
lives and engages with a wide audience. Located 
in the former Zenger Transformer Station in the 
historical centre of Prague, Kunsthalle Praha's 
mission is to support artistic discovery and 
research, to connect the Czech and international 
art scenes and to bring the experience of art of 
the 20th and 21st century to the widest possible 
audience with a dynamic, contemporary programme. 
Directed by Ivana Goossen, the Kunsthalle 
occupies a total of 5,700 square meters, 
encapsulating 1,300 square metres of exhibition 
space. Its programme consists of temporary 
exhibitions, educational projects, workshops, and 
cultural events. Kunsthalle Praha was established 
as a not-for-profit and non-governmental 
institution by The Pudil Family Foundation.

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