[artinfo] Call PikselXX - Nov. 17-20 2022

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Wed Aug 17 21:05:44 CEST 2022

From: 220hex <gif at 220hex.org> (by way of János Sugár)

PikselXX is scheduled for November 17 - 20. 2022
Piksel 20 years Anniversary

Dear friends,

We are glad to announce the call for projects for the 20 years Piksel 

To celebrate the anniversary we open a new track for texts, if you are a 
previous Piksel participant and want to share with us your experience, 
this section is yours. Selected articles from the open call together 
with some curated texts from Piksel artists and colleagues will be 
included in the Piksel 20 years book.

Piksel will go hybrid again. Screen-based artworks and PikselSavers are 
primarily intended for the Piksel XX Cyber Salon. Ideas for 
collaborative online/physical activities are welcome. This year we want 
to be back to physicality, we encourage you to present art installations 
that can be built in Bergen to minimize the international transport, 
according to the green strategy.

Please feel free to submit your projects to any one of the open tracks:
Presentations, workshops, concerts, installations, and the texts call.

Deadline is 31st of August !!

Please use the online submit form at: https://pretalx.com/piksel22/

Piksel22 is supported by the Municipality of Bergen, Arts Council 
Norway, Vestland fylkeskommune and others.

more info: https://piksel.no/

**Piksel is an international festival for electronic art and 
technological freedom. Part workshop, part festival, it is organised in 
Bergen, Norway, and involves participants from more than a dozen 
countries exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and software 
projects, doing workshops, performances and discussions on the 
aesthetics and politics of art and free technologies.**


**open CALL for PROJECTS**

For the exhibition and other parts of the program we currently seek 
projects in the following categories:

**1. Installations**

Projects to be included in the exhibitions.
The works must be realized by the use of free and open source technologies.

**2. Audiovisual performance**

Live art realized by the use of free software and/or open/DIY hardware. 
We encourage audio-visual projects, online "orchestra" collaborations 
with local actors,...

**3. Presentations**

Innovative DIY/open hardware and audiovisual software tools or software 
art released under a free/open license. (Also includes presentations of 
artistic projects realized using free/open technologies.)

**4. Workshops**

Hands on workshops utilizing free software and/or open/DIY hardware for 
artistic use. Workshops can be on a virtual basis too.

**5. PikselSavers**

Video and software art based on the screensaver format - short 
audiovisual (non)narratives made for endless looping. Possible thematic 
fields  includes but are not limited to: sustainable resource 
allocation, renewable technologies, energy harvesting, fair trade 
hardware, free content, open access, open data, DIY economy, shared
development. The works must be realized by the use of free/open source 

**6. Texts**

Anecdotes and reflections from the 20 years history of Piksel for the 
anniversary book. We are specially interested in hearing about 
collaborations and projects that was initiated as a result of artists 
meeting at the festival.

**Deadline extended to August 31. 2022**
Please use the online submit form at: https://pretalx.com/piksel22/

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