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Simultan Festival 2021—Unstable State of Things
Deadline: 5 August 2021


The 16th edition of the SIMULTAN Festival will take place between September
11-19, 2021 in Timișoara, Romania under the motto ‘Unstable State of

Life, as we knew it, is changing radically and probably someday will take a
different form, providing a good opportunity to test ourselves and develop
our ability to adapt to reality.
It is important to understand not only what is happening, but also what is
the potential of this transformation of the world following this crisis.
The most difficult thing is to tolerate uncertainty and the unknown... in a
world where we have come to believe that we have control, but nature proves
Learning to tolerate insecurity and the unknown brings us closer to our
human condition, fragile and precarious as it is. And the sign is, perhaps,
to become human again, that is, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable,
fragile, dependent on each other. It is a time to look to the future and
imagine what we want our lives to look like from now on.

The call is open for emerging and established artists, new authors and/or
students. We are looking for submissions of innovative video works related
to the festival motto, produced in the last two years.

CATEGORIES: experimental, narrative, documentary, digital/generative
NUMBER OF WORKS: 2 max. / author.
DURATION: 10 minutes max. each

The video must contain the title of the work author’s name and year of
Upload your work to vimeo or youtube for preview and include the link in
the form.

We will award four video works (two romanian artists and two international
artists) with a 250 Euro artist fee.

All works will be reviewed and selected by the festival’s curatorial staff.
Only those accepted will become part of the Festival screening program. The
jury's decision is final.

Online Application Form: https://bit.ly/SimultanOpenCall2021

Incomplete applications will not be considered!

The applicant declares to be the author or the rights owner and copyright
of the submitted work(s).
A. The author grants the Simultan Association a non-exclusive limited
license that permits a public screening of the work(s) as part of the 16th
edition of the Festival.
B. The author agrees that the work will be shown as part of a screening
program, and the programming and scheduling are at the discretion of the
C. Simultan Association agrees that at all times the author remains the
owner of the work(s).
D. The author grants Simultan Association permission to use any extract,
excerpt, part, still image from the work (not exceeding 30 seconds), and/or
to use the author’s name and biography in any media for the purpose of
promoting the Festival.
E. All selected works may be used in other presentations and partner events
with the aim of promoting the Simultan Festival, but not for commercial
purposes. The submitted works will be stored in the Festival’s archive.

SIMULTAN is an annual festival dedicated to interdisciplinary arts -
emerging media projects, experimental music and audio-visual and sound
projects, in order to support new forms of artistic expression.

The festival program includes live audio-visual performances, video art
screenings, exhibitions, conferences and workshops,  which some themes and
methods are: stylistic eclecticism, the relationship between man and
automation, recycling or ecological themes, dry lyricism, the fusion of
acoustic and electronic instruments, the expanded cinema, the jovial live
sound collage, as well as the reflection on the political valences of sound.

For additional information:
simultanfestival [at] gmail [dot] com


*SIMULTAN *Festival
annual festival for video art, exploratory music and media related projects

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