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Mon Jan 11 17:12:16 CET 2021

<http://www.mab20.org/>MEDIA ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE (MAB20) 
June 28th - July 2nd, 2021 | Amsterdam & Utrecht

Deadline Jan 25th, 2021
The conference proceedings will be published through the ACM Digital Library.

MAB20 would like to invite papers from academics, 
students, and industry practitioners that align 
with the theme Futures Implied and the 
sub-themes, Playful & Artistic Civic 
Engagement, More-Than-Human Cities, Restorative 
Cities, just to mention a few. 
The paper contributions should address current 
practices, discuss theoretical approaches, or 
present novel research that explores and further 
develop our understanding of media architecture 
through relevant case studies, design processes, 
and community and industry examples. 
The papers should have a minimum of six and a 
maximum of ten pages in length, in ACM format, 
and the submission deadline is 25 January 
2021. All papers should be submitted 
via <https://easychair.org/cfp/mab20>https://easychair.org/cfp/mab20

You can find more details about the themes and 
the submission 
on <https://mab20.mediaarchitecture.org/calls/call-for-papers/>MAB 
Call for Papers.

In case you have any questions, please contact our Papers Chairs:

·   Glenda Caldwell, Queensland University of 
- <mailto:g.caldwell at qut.edu.au>g.caldwell at qut.edu.au

·   Joel Fredericks, The University of Sydney 
- <mailto:joel.fredericks at sydney.edu.au>joel.fredericks at sydney.edu.au

We hope to welcome you to one of our online 
pre-events and at the biennale in June!

All the best,

Martijn de Waal, Frank Suurenbroek, Nanna Verhoeff and Michiel de Lange 

MAB20 Executive Committee
<http://www.mab20.org/>Media Architecture Biennale

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