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Visual Arts at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Banff International Curatorial Institute Fellowship

September 14 - December 4, 2020
Apply by April 29

Program Overview

The Banff International Curatorial Institute (BICI) Fellowship 
supports established curators, arts writers, cultural critics, and 
researchers in focusing deeply on the continued development of their 
work. The program allows for self-directed research over an extended 
period of 12 weeks within the creative and intellectually stimulating 
environment of Visual Arts. Participants are selected by an 
international jury for this unique, fully-scholarshipped program.

In addition to focusing on their own practice, participants 
will engage with each other as well as artists-in-residence in Visual 
Arts programs-meet with them to grow their networks and expand their 
research, visit studios or hold office hours, join reading groups, 
share knowledge through presenting research in progress, as well as 
engage with Banff Centre's curatorial and artistic staff. The BICI 
Fellowship coincides with 
the <http://x7w9.mj.am/lnk/AL4AAGrX_CkAAccnf0AAABj0ucgAAFdhuKgAHEIbAADE_QBee56NO0dpVn0QR_e6_hdgQFZW2AAAxXY/4/Vd9JQQcAZiTy4Ah8g3fAZA/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYmFuZmZjZW50cmUuY2EvcHJvZ3JhbXMvYmFuZmYtdmlzdWFsLWFydGlzdC1mZWxsb3dzaGlwLWZhbGwtMjAyMA>Banff 
Visual Artist Fellowship, and participants in both programs are 
encouraged to work closely together.

What does the program offer?

This program provides an extended period of time for writers, 
curators, and researchers to develop non-studio based work and pursue 
critical research.  Scheduled programming is light to allow for 
self-directed project development, and opportunities to connect and 

Participants can attend talks and presentations by faculty and guests 
of Visual Arts residency programs and Walter Phillips Gallery, 
and expand networks through connecting with artists from around the 

Participants will have a private office that is accessible 24 hours a 
day in which to work.

Who should apply?

This program is open to mid- to- senior-level curators, arts writers, 
cultural critics, and researchers exploring original topics within 
visual arts.

Applicants should have an established exhibition/publication record, 
have completed formal training in visual arts at the post-secondary 
level, or equivalent experience and recognition from their peers.

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