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EDU-ART 2020 / CALL: Course of contemporary art and curating


A 10 weeks long Course of contemporary art and curating
Deadline for submitting your application is 11th of August, 23:59
Registration form: link
The selected participants will be informed by email till August 18, 2020

Oberliht Association launches a Course of contemporary art and curating, 
which will take place in Chisinau, between September 10 and November 14, 
2020, and will address the topic of „Periphery„, its cultural, urban and 
political dimensions. The course will serve as a framework for research 
and analysis of political, social and economic changes that have taken 
place in our region during the last few decades and will focus on the 
study of contemporary art and curatorial practice outside of established 
cultural institutions, as well as on various forms of activism. This 
program aims to develop an active civic attitude in participants through 
artistic research and cultural activism, complementing the existing 
university curriculum with non-formal education modules.

The course will include theoretical seminars, art workshops 
(performance, sound art, urban mapping, critical writing, art 
interventions in public space and artivism, etc.), urban explorations, 
reading groups, community events in alternative cultural spaces and 
public presentations. Experts from the field of art, culture and other 
fields from Moldova, Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Belarus, Belgium, 
Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Estonia and other countries were invited to join the 
course. The activities will take place in Chisinau (Zpace, BUNKER / 
AMTAP, Flat Space, etc.), being accompanied by online sessions with the 
participation of foreign experts and home work (reading texts, watching 
videos and writing exercises).


The main theme of the project is „Periphery„. We would like to approach 
it from a cultural, urban and political point of view, as an alternative 
to an economic or a geo-political dominating perspective. The whole 
program will serve as a framework for research and analysis of 
political, social and economic transformations of the last three 
decades, adopting as a starting point the „peripheral” condition imposed 
by the new economic realities. The course of contemporary art and 
curating invites participants to deepen their understanding of the 
“peripheral” condition imposed by the capitalist-type economic paradigm 
and to reflect on the impact of major recent transformations that the 
Republic of Moldova and other countries in the region have undergone, as 
well as to come up with a proper response (projects and works of art, 
written texts, public presentations, etc.), that will be produced in 
collaboration with artists, curators, researchers and cultural managers 
from different countries. The course program will focus on topics 
related to the history of contemporary art, multiple identities, 
representation and self-representation, models of self-organization in 
the absence of institutions and cultural infrastructure, building 
reality through applied methods, the importance of personal stories in 
relation to dominant narratives, art forms and cultural activism for an 
accessible city, working with the public / presenting works of art in a 
specific social context, etc.


Module 1: Introduction to „Periphery”
Launching of the course with a round table discussion on the topic of 
„Periphery” followed by two seminars dedicated to the cultural context 
of Iasi and the region (guests: Maxim Poleacov [MD] (Oberliht), Ovidiu 
Țichindeleanu [RO], Livia Pancu [RO] and Florin Bobu [RO] (transit.org / 

Module 2: Modern and contemporary art of Republic of Moldova
Seminars with the participation of Tatiana Raschitor [MD] (Faculty of 
Fine Arts, Design & Applied Arts / AMTAP), Lilia Dragneva [MD] (Center 
for Contemporary Art, Chisinau [ksa: k]) and Ovidiu Tichindeleanu [RO], 
followed by a video art screening and a workshop in the field of 
performance art with Pavel Braila [MD]

Module 3: Urban Reconnaissance
Artist Talk and mapping workshop (marking intangible things / social 
phenomena on the map), working with sound (sound art and cataloging 
sound experiences) and performative possibilities with Gary Farrelly 
[BE] and Chris Dreier [DE] (OJAI / Office for Joint Administrative 

Module 4: Representation and self-representation
A public lecture followed by two meetings with Elisabeth Kovtiak [BY], 
which will address issues such as civic activism in the context of 
Belarus, exoticization in art and forms of organization and action in 
the absence of institutions

Module 5: Public Space (the case of Republican Stadium)
Workshop for the recovery of abandoned public spaces through cultural 
activism with the artist Michael Kurzwelly [DE] (Slubfurt) and the 
activist Constanța Dohotaru [MD] (The Stadium is Republican)

Module 6: POSThuman – political theatre workshop
An artist-talk followed by a political theatre workshop with Nicoleta 
Esinencu [MD] (spalatorie theatre), aiming to produce a series of 
interventions in private and public spaces with the help of postcards, 
banners, stickers, flyers

Module 7: Contemporary art and cultural activism in the context of 
Central Asia
A seminar with Muratbek Djumaliev and Gulnara Kasmalieva [KG] (ArtEast 
school of contemporary art) on contemporary art in Central Asia followed 
by a public presentation on biopolitics and food production economics 
and two cultural activism workshops on environmental issues and air 
pollution, in order to organize a critical mass and a subbotnik / 
picnic, with artist and activist Bermet Borubaeva [KG] (Preobrajenskii 
Coop / «Кооператив Преображенский») and activist Ana Popa [MD] (ROR / 
Rhythms of Resistance)

Module 8: Self-organization models for independent artists
A series of seminars dedicated to contemporary art and methods of 
self-organization for independent artists followed by a portfolio review 
session with Anders Harm [EE] (EKKM / Museum of Contemporary Art of 

Module 9: Art education in the context of political, economic and social 
A round table on art education followed by a series of seminars 
dedicated to the history of contemporary art and a portfolio review 
session with Jorg Scheller [CH] (ZHdK / Zürcher Hochschule der Künste)

Module 10: Curatorship outside the institutional context
A public presentation followed by seminars dedicated to curatorial work 
outside established cultural institutions, with curators Giulia Palomba 
[IT] and Vladimir Us [MD] (Oberliht Association)

The 10 modules will be accompanied by meetings and field trips in 
Chisinau led by artists, architects, curators and cultural activists 
from the Republic of Moldova: Andrei Vatamaniuc [MD] / architect and 
Vladimir Us [MD] / curator (research visit to Zaikin Park / Pushkin 
Hill), Ghenadie Popescu [MD] / artist (meeting with the artists and 
screening of his works at the Flat Space), Constanța Dohotaru [MD] / 
activist (presentation of Stadionul este Republican / Republican Stadium 
initiative), Ana Popa [MD] / activist (presentation of ROR / Rhythms of 
Resistance), Tatiana Fiodorova [MD] / artist (a research visit in the 
Botanica district), Maxim Poleacov [MD] / researcher (a guided tour of 
the Maria Dragan neighborhood in Ciocana district), Nicolai Ischimji 
[MD] / architect (a documentation visit to the Rugina & Co / Bariera 
Sculeni project in the Buiucani sector)


During the course, between September 10 and November 14, 2020, several 
activities will take place on weekly bases, with a total number of 200 
hours, including working hours from home (the detailed program will be 
published by the end of July 2020).

Participation fee
Participation in the entire Course is free, because we believe that 
access to education must be provided to all who wish, regardless of 
their economic or social status. Participants should cover for 
themselves the costs of international travel and medical insurance, 
accommodation in Chisinau and other costs related to their 

Financial support
Financial support of up to 1000 MDL (to cover the costs associated with 
participating in the program) will be provided to participants who will 
take part in at least 7 modules (70% of the program / 140 hours), and 
will finalize their personal project by the end of the course.

Optional contribution
We would like to specify that the organization of the entire program was 
done with multiple efforts of those involved (organizers, partners, 
trainers, participants, volunteers). Voluntary contributions are 
welcomed in an amount of 50 MDL per module and 500 MDL for the entire 

Profile of participants
The course is addressed to students and graduates of art education 
institutions (and not only), emerging and professional artists and 
curators, researchers and educators from the Republic of Moldova, 
Romania, Ukraine and other countries, interested in contemporary art and 

maximum number of participants: 20 people
working language: English
registration form: link
deadline: August 11, 2020, 11:59 p.m.
the selected participants will be informed by email till August 18, 2020

Contact information
tel: +373 22 286317, +373 79910102
email: info at oberliht.org


Faculty of Fine Arts, Design & Applied Arts, AMTAP / Center for 
Contemporary Art in Chisinau [ksa:k] / Spalatorie Theatre / Miez de 
Laborator / ROR – Rhythms of Resistance / The Stadium is Republican /// 
tranzit.org / Iasi / ZHdK – Zurich Art University / OJAI – Office for 
Joint Administrative Intelligence / ArtEast school of contemporary art / 
ArtTrans / Preobrajenskii Coop / «Кооператив Преображенский» / EKKM – 
Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia


Zpace / Flat Space / BUNKER / Zaikin Park / Rugina & Co, Bariera Sculeni 
/ The Republican Stadium / Guguta Cafe / 9, Teilor str., sectorul 
Botanica / Maria Dragan Neighborhood, sectorul Ciocana / Pushkin’s Hill

A cultural project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund 
Administration (AFCN). The project does not necessarily represent the 
position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not 
responsible for the content of the project or how the project results 
can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of 
the funding.

This program was not supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and 
Research of Republic of Moldova.

Asociatia Oberliht / Association
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