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The Entire World as Our World
International conference / live stream
December 3-4, 2020, 3pm

international conference is part of the 
Zabel Award for Culture and Theory 2020 programme

December 3-4, 3-5pm / live stream from Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana
live stream via 
live stream via 
Zabel Award 2020 website

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The international conference reconsiders the 
universal during the era of global capitalism and 
pandemic, and aims to rethink our common future 
and the presence of art in the (entire) world 
that is (not yet) our world. Speakers: T. J. 
Demos, Boris Groys, Ade Darmawan/ruangrupa, 
Apolonija ·u”ter”iã, Alberto Toscano, and Alenka 
Zupanãiã. Moderated by DraÏen Dragojeviç


Day 1: December 3, 3-5pm
How art today imagines universalism and 
represents all-encompassing force such as the 
force of global capitalism?

Introduction by the organizers, Zdenka Badovinac, 
Moderna galerija and Ur”ka Jurman, Igor Zabel 
Association for Culture and Theory

Alenka Zupanãiã: "The Art of Surprise"
Is art "of this world" or "not of this world"? 
The presentation will propose that art is at its 
strongest when it opens a perspective onto the 
world in an indirect way, from the new and 
surprising reality that art itself creates.

Boris Groys: "The Universal Subject of Care"
In contemporary society, there exists a universal 
mode of work-it is the care work. The securing of 
human lives is regarded by our civilization as 
its supreme goal. However, our culture is also 
permanently producing extensions of our material 
bodies: books, photographs, documents, videos, 
websites, etc. that are kept for some time after 
our deaths. The universal subject is itself a 
subject of care.

Alberto Toscano: "Quantities of the 
Past-Photography in the Aftermath of Capital"
The presentation will deal with the relation 
between photowork, landscape, and logistics, and 
will consider environmental devastation and its 
nexus with racial capitalism in light of 
arguments about "dead labour" presented by 
Fredric Jameson in his 2011 book Representing 


Day 2, December 4, 3-5pm
On the relation between the particular, the 
concrete, and the universal in the field of 
contemporary art.

Introduction by the moderator DraÏen Dragojeviç

Apolonija ·u”ter”iã: "Becoming Local"
The presentation will focus on the contradiction 
between the particular and the universal based on 
·u”terãiã's position as an artist who works with 
local people and environments from a non-local 

Ade Darmawan/ruangrupa
ruangrupa is a Jakarta-based collective that 
supports the idea of art within the urban context 
to provide critical observations and views on 
Indonesian urban contemporary issues. Currently, 
the collective is curating documenta 15 in Kassel.

T. J. Demos: "Radical Futurisms-Worlds after the End of the World"
The presentation will offer a work-in-progress 
overview of Demos's current book project, which 
investigates radical visions of justice-to-come 
in contemporary art and visual culture-including 
examples drawn from Indigenous futurisms, 
Afrofuturisms, and multispecies and 
post-capitalist speculative imagination.


about the conference and lecturers.

The award ceremony and accompanying conference 
are organized by: 
Zabel Association and 
galerija, Ljubljana with the support of 

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