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Call for applications: MA Curating

MA Curating is a two-year, part-time, 
low-residency, seminar-based, international and 
interdisciplinary study programme at Aarhus 
University. The programme is designed for 
curators, artists and cultural workers who wish 
to develop their professional curatorial practice 
and expand their interdisciplinary understanding 
of curating in contemporary society.

The programme is organised in a way that allows 
you to maintain a full-time job while studying. 
It enhances your career opportunities by 
presenting you with new ideas, techniques and 
networks, and allows you to operate within and 
across a range of contemporary institutions and 
platforms that organise, manage and administer 
exhibitions and public events.

Content and structure
Building on the experiences and practices of the 
enrolled students, MA Curating focuses on the 
close relationship between practice and theory, 
doing and thinking, and experience and 
reflection. The programme enables you to reflect 
critically on your own curatorial practice and 
provides you with broad competences in cultural 
analysis, critical thinking and communication.

Comprising four modules (Curatorial Theories, 
Curatorial Practice, Curatorial Knowledge and 
Curatorial Project), the programme includes three 
extended weekend seminars per module which take 
place at Aarhus University and partner 
institutions. The final module is dedicated to an 
individual or collective curatorial project and 
the production of a Master's thesis. The teaching 
consists of lectures, discussions, group work, 
independent study, peer feedback, online learning 
and individual supervision.

The programme provides a challenging, 
international study environment that draws on the 
expertise of researchers across departments at 
Aarhus University including Art History, 
Aesthetics & Culture, Museology, Science Studies, 
Anthropology, Rhetoric, Musicology, Digital 
Design and Information Studies, as well as 
involving visiting scholars and curators.

Local and visiting lecturers
Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Helga Christoffersen, 
Geoff Cox, Rhea Dall, Clémentine Deliss, Birgit 
Eriksson, Jacob Fabricius, Kjeld Kjeldsen, Anders 
Kold, Joasia Krysa, Lars Bang Larsen, Marie 
Laurberg, Johanne Løgstrup, Jacob Lund, Celia 
Lury, Sidsel Nelund, Corina Oprea, Lise 
Pennington, Kasia Redzisz, Olga von Schubert, 
Judith Schwarzbart, Jan Løhmann Stephensen, 
Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen, Sarah Tuck, 
Magdalena Ty›lik-Carver, Kim West and Louise 

The programme has partnerships with a number of 
prominent art and cultural institutions that we 
visit and engage with throughout the two years, 
and is associated with the AU research programme 
Aesthetics and Technology.

Application deadline: May 2, 2020

Programme duration: September 2020-August 2022
For further information and to apply, please 

If you have any questions, please feel free to 
contact course coordinator Trine Friis Sørensen 
at <mailto:trinefs at cc.au.dk>trinefs at cc.au.dk

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