[artinfo] preliminary call for VERY LARGE WORKS

Beöthy Balázs b2 at c3.hu
Thu May 16 11:15:18 CEST 2019

From: Bjørn Magnhildøen <noemata at gmail.com>

  VVVVV           VVVVVLLLLLLL    WWWW                          WWWW
  V::::::V           V::::::VL:::::::::L 
W::::::W                           W::::::W
  V::::::V           V::::::VL:::::::::L 
W::::::W                           W::::::W
  V::::::V           V::::::VLL:::::::LL 
W::::::W                           W::::::W
   V:::::V           V:::::V   L:::::L       W:::::W WWW     W:::::W
    V:::::V         V:::::V    L:::::L        W:::::W W:::::W    W:::::W
     V:::::V       V:::::V     L:::::L         W:::::W W:::::::W   W:::::W
      V:::::V     V:::::V      L:::::L          W:::::W W:::::::::W   
       V:::::V   V:::::V       L:::::L           W:::::W W:::::W:::::W 
        V:::::V V:::::V        L:::::L           W:::::W W:::::W W:::::W 
         V:::::V:::::V         L:::::L              W:::::W:::::W 
          V:::::::::V          L:::::LLLLLLL      W:::::::::W W:::::::::W
           V:::::::V         LL:::LLLLLLLLL:::::L W:::::::W W:::::::W
            V:::::V          L::::::::::::::::::::::L W:::::W         
             V:::V           L::::::::::::::::::::::L W:::W           W:::W
              VV           LLLLLLLLLLLLLL        WWW             WWW

  VERY LARGE WORKS is an online show (pavilion) at The Wrong art 
biennale 2019-2020, organised by Noemata group.

  the call consists of this intro and some (curatorial) questions. you 
can take part in the show by submitting more questions or by submitting 
work related to the questions. in other words, you can participate as 
curator posing questions, or as artist submitting works to questions.

  now, can we also pose a question whether the question itself is a 
work, and vice versa, whether a submitted work itself is a question? 
this is left as a question also for now.

  then, what is a good platform for this? would a bulletin board or 
email-list do? we'd love to give life to other web protocols and 
practises, free from commercial clutter, abide with a vision closer to 
the original internet.

  the project concerns internet curatorship as much as 'very large 
works'. it could be called Very Collaborative-Discursive Thing perhaps. 
our goal is seeing if this form of show could develop into a more 
general practise within the entangled netbased- art and curatorship pair.

  IF ARE YOU INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING (non-bindingly) in the show 
simply comment yes to this post, or reply 'very large works' to 
mail at noemata.net. the purpose is, besides probing interest, to drop a 
few names into an application to get the project funded (with the help 
of God).

  VERY LARGE WORKS preliminary questions

  how large?
  what are the extensions of an artwork?
  does it have any? did art invent the zero yet? or negative dimensions?
  one mole of elephants?
  since we can script electrons, that's different from counting?
  what about in-between dimensions?
  who told you it was visible, countable, accountable?
  the monitor is merely a - monitor?
  ... that admonishes, cautions, of matters of conduct?
  is a very large work still a work?
  does it want to be a work?
  is work endless work, Sisyphus?
  is it perhaps too romantic, or is it just lack of imagination?
  inherent lack?
  isn't imagination too tacky, just imagine?
  and cognition, its own?
  boundaries - when will it take on its own?
  circuits, morphology?
  what about a six-dimensional work with unknown extensions?
  as a matter of fact?
  the home of time?
  where would they fit, the very large works?
  isn't very large more like muscle, and work again?
  penis enlargement?
  largus copious?
  then you have copy and number, ennumeration, infinity or cost?
  as you approach lim, inf?
  it certainly isn't infinite, it's most definitely finite?
  what about tactility and number?
  abstract numbers close at hand?
  numbers and money (mcluhan)?
  "sure, sure"?
  "The result hammered for a mountain-scene panorama measuring over 8 
meters wide and 3 meters high - The Grand Fucking Mountains (2019) - 
illustrates the immense success of this new giant of et cetera"?
  if you're a great artist.. a great artist makes great artworks?
  now with internet we can also make VERY LARGE works?
  couple it with art marked finance, whitewashing, scams, and what have you?
  physicality seems to.. and the virtual-real?
  are very large works also very tiny works?
  what about zooming?
  inside - outside, can you always zoom into and outof?
  can a zoom substitute different domains of knowledge into one zoomable 
  also recursion is the devil, chain reaction, link reaction?
  anything that, which is most things, as counting +1?
  large and scarce
  grasp our current love of numbers and quantitative information?
  extension of our senses, sounds ominous, numinous?
  the extension is of the same, just look at a postcard?
  the news is the most trite thing there is?
  how many days have you lived?
  then how many did you skip?
  can you even trust your senses, less the extensions?
  and trust your trust, judgement?
  the agreeable, the beautiful, the sublime, and the good?
  unknown universals for given particulars?
  subjective universal oxymoronic?
  the strong taste of nothing?
  your lightyear or mine?
  now thoughts can be tactile-erectile?
  what about lard, very lard?
  why did you ever want to think?
  two deserts - one empty, one full?
  and digestion, not the least?
  the schematas from table of judgement, delicious fruit?
  duration, just imagine, no, just feel, no, just be, no, just, obdure?
  that's on a cliff?
  mirror, mirror on the wall?
  on both sides?
  head over heels?
  the somerzsault of reflection, why is the left right?
  is it biodegradable?
  only if we die?
  under the wrapping on a summer breeze?
  cc: coco chanel?
  copious fragrance disseminate, when will art smell?
  bcc: blind coco chanel?
  are the senses extensions at all, or rather indentations?
  ye olde intentionality?
  are there any gifts left?
  exit shop to the right?


  for VLW i was thinking people can either submit questions and/or 
works, so that a participant can not only 'submit' work to a set of 
curating rules/questions, but also add to or change them. in this case a 
participant can submit a curatorial thing as work, forming a 
contradiction to the either/or.
  i had https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomic in mind, a rule-changing 
game, but with art it's more like questions and probes, one 'object of 
perception' leading to another.
  so on second thought, and closer to nomic, one could perhaps take part 
with art _as_curatorial also? so you submit TO a rule or submit A rule. 
it would be a Very Collaborative-Discursive Thing.. the title VLW now 
seems to slide into the background, but again, the theme is the main 
thing holding it together, the one thing that can't be changed. maybe 
this form of show could develop into a more general stance on net 
  what if we further say that input/moves/actions are treated as both 
works AS rule and work FROM rule? how would that affect? where are we 
  next question, what is a good platform for this?
  would a bulletin board be a good platform, an email-list?
  also to give life to older web protocols, free from commercial 
clutter, the vision of the internet



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