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Wed May 15 11:18:01 CEST 2019

Call for applications: Master Institute of Visual Cultures

Application deadline: May 31, 2019, 9am

St. Joost School of Fine Art & Design
Master Institute of Visual Cultures
Parallelweg 21-23
5233 AL 's-Hertogenbosch
Hours:	Monday-Friday	10am-5pm

T +31 88 525 7500
<MAILTO:masters.akvstjoost at avans.nl>masters.akvstjoost at avans.nl


New MA pathways in: Visual Arts and Post 
Contemporary Practice, Situated Design, Ecology 

How can we create a future that is something 
else, another kind of world that we would like to 
live in?

This question lies at the heart of our new 
interdisciplinary MA pathways in Art & Design. 
Our highly ambitious and versatile institution is 
currently in a stage of development and growth. 
The expanded pedagogical scope of the MIVC 
programmes has created new opportunities for 
interdisciplinarity and co-research within our 
existing course. Our distinct programmes of 
study, Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary 
Practice, Situated Design and Ecology Futures, 
investigate questions of contemporary culture, 
politics, media and climate change. Students work 
together to address urgent global challenges of 
the 21st century: Migrant Aesthetics, heterodox 
Identities, economics of production, emerging 
technologies, ecology and the creative industries.

We support students by providing a learning 
environment for a transformative education, 
empowering students to become the new generation 
of artists and designers who will contribute in 
unconventional ways to transforming the complex 
and interconnected world we live in. By creating 
a unique educational environment, where the 
tradition of studio practices sit at ease with 
practices driven by ideas and context, and where 
artists, designers, and scientists together, 
through an interchange of ideas, create new 
knowledge to tackle some of the most pressing and 
challenging societal issues of our time.

About the Master Institute of Visual Cultures
The Master Institute of Visual Cultures is a 
locally grounded international community of 
learning and research. We provide students 
24-hour studio access, seven days per week. The 
MIVC is committed to adopting new technical 
advancements in interactive and creative 
technologies. Our outstanding workshop and 
technical facilities provide courses in Data 
visualisation, VR/AR, web design related coding, 
non-linear immersive and iterative storytelling, 
spatial & location design, and interactive 
media-as well as access to workshops across film 
& photography, print, wood, ceramics and metal, 
which allow students to immerse themselves in 
innovative artistic development projects, and are 
supported by a team of experienced staff on hand.

The Master Institute of Visual Cultures (MIVC) is 
part of St. Joost School of Fine Art & Design, 
which is part of the Avans University of Applied 
Sciences. All Master programmes of the MIVC are 
housed within a single campus location, close to 
the heart of the City of 's-Hertogenbosch.

Mor information about the 
and current 

How to apply
Applications for the next academic year (start 
August 19, 2019) are now open to candidates from 
a wide range of backgrounds: artists, designers, 
coders, scientists, engineers, collectives, 
activists. Candidates wishing to pursue one of 
the specialist MA streams should express their 
interest in their personal statement when 
applying. For general enquiries about our 
admissions visit click 

For more information 
<mailto:u.henry at avans.nl?subject=More%20information%20MA%20programmes>contact 
Dr. Úna Henry, Head of the Master Institute of 
Visual Cultures.

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