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Open call for Re-Directing: East
Curatorial Residency and Seminar
"Designing Futures"
Submissions deadline: January 6, 2019

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art and 
Biennale Warszawa invite professionals such as 
curators, organizers, researchers and art 
managers to apply for a one-month-long residency.

The Re-Directing: East is a peer-learning 
workshop, a curatorial seminar, extended site 
exploration and a research opportunity for a 
group of six individuals working together with 
the teams of U-jazdowski, Biennale Warszawa and 
local actors. The participants are expected to 
share their experience and understanding of 
respective artistic and socio-political contexts 
and to actively participate in the discussion on 
alternative models of the transnational 
collaboration as a form of practicing planetary 
commons. We'd like to widen our political 
imagination, formatted by both neoliberal TINA 
ideology, identity politics and right-wing 
politics of memory, and speculate about the 
possible future relations between the former 
Eastern Bloc, Middle East and North African 
countries, focusing rather on the commons, than 
on the cultural differences, discussing 
possibilities of creating alliances and forms of 
solidarity beyond the framework of nation-state. 
This curatorial residency is a platform for 
developing a possible working collaboration with 
U-jazdowski, Biennale Warszawa and other parties 
concerned in the years to come.

The residency will be devoted to work with 
curators and experts on a project of a new 
transnational institution, which would transgress 
the international initiatives based on the 
concept of nation states (such as the UN) and 
think about new models of representation and new 
democratic, equal and ecological futures. In the 
beginning of the residency the participants will 
take an active part in the transnational assembly 
in the frames of Biennale Warszawa, where they 
will give individual presentations.

The month-long residencies:
June 2019

Submission deadline:
January 6, 2019

The results will be announced by:
January 28, 2019

Selection will be based on the professional 
excellence of the applicant's work, the relevance 
of past projects and interest of the applicant in 
relation to this year's topic of the seminar and 
their one-page paper proposal - a draft of the 
presentation that aims to project an institution 
of the future and/or to propose a new, 
speculative model of relations between 
Central-Eastern Europe and Middle-East and North 

We strongly encourage curators and researchers 
based in and/or working in the North African, 
Middle Eastern and Arab countries to apply.

Due to the programme agenda, aimed at creating 
collaboration opportunities, applicants must have 
sufficient command of English to communicate with 
the U-jazdowski's and Biennale Warszawa's staff 
as well as other residents and to take an active 
part in the public programme.

What we offer:
-Individual living space connected with working space
-A grant of 3200 PLN
-Reimbursement of travel costs
-Customised programme of lectures, presentations 
and study visits in and outside Warsaw
-Admission to the Biennale Warszawa and U-jazdowski programme
-The possibility to take an active part in the 
Biennale Warszawa 2019 transnational assembly
Please note that we do not cover visa fees or 
insurance costs connected to visa applications.

How to apply:
Please send an electronic version of your 
application in one document to the following 
<mailto:opencall at u-jazdowski.pl>opencall at u-jazdowski.pl 
-preferred format: pdf (in English).

The application document should include:
1. professional work experience in the form of a 
portfolio containing descriptions of up to five 
2. a cover letter
3. a paper proposal (max. 300 words), outlining 
the presentation which will be developed by the 
applicant prior to the residency and presented in 
the frames of the transnational assembly about 
future relations between Central-Eastern Europe 
and MENA region, which will happen in the 
beginning of the residency as a part of Biennale 
4. your CV.
Please label the portfolio as follows: your surname_your name_application.pdf.

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art
2 Jazdów Street
00-467 Warsaw
  info at u-jazdowski.pl

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