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az Utrecht-i BAKkal kozosen szervezzuk Pozsonyban ezt a kurzust,
nalunk az egyetemen es mas pozsonyi helyszineken.
Magyarorszagrol 5 vendeget varunk, motivacios levellel.


The Bratislava BAK Summer School:
Art in a Time of Interregnum
is a collaborative and intensive learning week in Bratislava
from 18-21 September 2018,
organized in partnership with BAK (basis voor 
actuele kunst) in Utrecht, Open Studio/Studio IN 
- Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, 
APART Collective in Bratislava, and initiated by 
Kristína Országhová.

An advanced, interdisciplinary course designed 
for artists, curators, art theorists, academics, 
university students, and professionals in the 
fields of art and social change, this summer 
school begins from the understanding that ours is 
a time of interregnum-a time of crisis and 
ongoing transition. Much in the sense of 
political thinker Antonio Gramsci's understanding 
of crisis, these times are rife with a ?"great 
variety of morbid symptoms" as ruling structures 
prove, in their grasping at "coercive force," to 
no longer be sustainable; "the old is dying and 
the new cannot be born." As social, geopolitical, 
economic, and technological structures rapidly 
change, along with the unraveling legacies of 
western modernity, and with ongoing 
recompositions of class, global migration, and 
the endurability of the planet, so transform 
ideas, practices, and meanings of resistance, 
coming together, identity, activist and artistic 
practice, and collectivity and closeness-as well 
as the notions of artistic production, the (art) 
institution, and the public. How, then, does art 
relate to a contemporary as such? How to think 
art under such circumstances, and how to think 
about the contemporary with and through art in 
order to build space for envisioning ways of 
being together otherwise?

The Bratislava BAK Summer School takes place from 
18-21 ?September 2018 in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Applications can be submitted 
via <mailto:info at bratislavabaksummerschool.art>info at bratislavabaksummerschool.art
by 18. July 2018
and should consist of the letter of motivation 
(max. 250 words) and CV. The Bratislava BAK 
Summer School is open to applicants of all ages 
from Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and 
Slovakia, 25 of which will be chosen to 
participate (5 from each Czech Republic, Hungary, 
and Austria, and 10 ?from Slovakia, 2 of which 
are reserved for students of AFAD). No fees are 
to be paid upon acceptance. The participants are 
responsible for meals, travel, and accommodation. 
A?list of affordable accomodation options will be 
provided to accepted participants to assist them 
in making their arrangements. For any further 
questions, please 
contact <mailto:info at bratislavabaksummerschool.art>info at bratislavabaksummerschool.art.
The results will be announced via email by 1 August 2018.

For more info please 
visit: <http://bratislavabaksummerschool.art/>http://bratislavabaksummerschool.art/

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