[artinfo] Plato's Academy is at risk!

János Sugár sj at c3.hu
Tue Jun 12 21:53:00 CEST 2018

Plato's Academy is a place of great symbolic significance worldwide: 
in 387 BC, one of the oldest universities in the world and a cradle 
of Western civilization was founded here.
In this area North-West of the ancient City of Athens, on the banks 
of Kifissos river and among several places of worship, a gymnasium 
and a sacred olive groove dedicated to the goddess Athena, Plato 
established his famous philosophical school!

A shopping mall of any kind, let alone of the size and disrespectful 
disposition of a project naming itself Academy Gardens, is utterly 
incompatible in this context and has to be revoked! Conversely, we 
believe that the neighborhood possesses the qualities needed for all 
of us to seek a better quality of life, better, healthier and more 
vibrant community lives we are in need of.

Please sign this petition! Plato's Academy and its neighborhood are at risk!


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