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Humans of the Institution

November 25-27, 2017


Dear all Humans of the Institution,

You are invited to join a discussion on the shifting contours of the 
global and the local, and how this shift influences the working 
conditions and obligations of freelancers today. Organised around the 
experiences of curators, 
<http://www.humansoftheinstitution.works>Humans of the Institution 
will be a nuanced debate important to freelancers and institutions 
alike, seeking dialogues of consequence to change "industry 
standards" in the arts and further afield.

Humans of the Institution is an international gathering in Amsterdam, 
and part of the <http://weekend.amsterdamart.com/>Amsterdam Art 
Weekend and <https://dutchartinstitute.eu/>DAI Roaming Assembly. It 
will take place as a two-day symposium at 
<http://link%20to%20https://veem.house/>Veem House for Performance. 
The programme will be broadcast and archived online by 
Practice (UiB). The weekend will be followed by one day of Working 
Groups each producing a series of statements published with 
<http://www.internationaleonline.org/>L'Internationale online.

This is an open call to an international network of Delegate Partners 
to connect with this debate by supporting the participation of 
freelance curators from their own and associated regions. 
Institutions, patrons and funding bodies wishing to become a Delegate 
Partner, and individuals wishing to become a Delegate, please e-mail 
<mailto:humansoftheinstitution at uib.no>humansoftheinstitution at uib.no 
before October 15, 2017 with "Delegate" in the subject line.

Weekend and Working Groups

The Saturday programme, entitled Whose Global, Whose Local?, will 
hone in on the freelancer as a mobile agent whose presence and 
experiences may help chart the shifting pressures and frictions of a 
changing international order.

The Sunday programme, entitled Precarious Practices, will open up the 
mutable, unfixed and increasingly unstable categories of institutions 
and individuals, along with the emergence of cybernetic systems.

Buy tickets to the weekend programme 

On Monday the programme will shift to a set of thematic and 
practically oriented Working Groups-forums for concrete action, 
fact-finding, awareness raising and solidarity. The groups will be of 
12 to 20 participants each. This is an open call for interested 
participants. Please e-mail a short statement of motivation for the 
Working Group of your interest to 
<mailto:humansoftheinstitution at uib.no>humansoftheinstitution at uib.no 
before October 15, 2017 with "Working Group" in the subject line.

Archives & Individuals convened by Michelle Wong with the 
<https://vanabbemuseum.nl/>Van Abbemuseum, hosted by 
<http://nucnet.nl/>New Urban Collective
Biennials & Guest Work convened by Natasha Ginwala with Marieke van 
Hal, hosted by <https://manifesta.org/>Manifesta Foundation
Boycott & Mobilisation convened by Joanna Warsza with Lara Khaldi and 
Rachel O'Reilly, hosted by <http://deappel.nl/en/programme>De Appel
Censorship & Strategy convened by Ekaterina Degot with Katia 
Krupennikova and Heejin Kim, hosted by 
<https://framerframed.nl/>Framer Framed
Critical Regionalism convened by Anne Breure with Reem Fadda and 
Maria Hlavajova, hosted by the <http://stedelijk.nl/>Stedelijk Museum
Fees & Conditions convened by 
<http://www.platformbk.nl/?lang=en#>Platform BK and 
<http://norskkuratorforening.no/>The Norwegian Association of 
Curators with <http://www.wageforwork.com>W.A.G.E., hosted by 
<http://www.frontierimaginaries.org/>Frontier Imaginaries


An edited anthology of English translations of significant texts on 
curatorial practice will be published following Humans of the 
Institution. The aim is for the texts to be published in their 
original language as well as English, accompanied by contextualising 
short essays. This is an open call for existing and published texts 
(any format; essays, reviews etc.) that are important to curatorial 
practice globally, but that are not yet accessible in English.

To suggest texts, please e-mail
-a synopsis of the text in English (max 100 words)
-the reason for its importance to curatorial practice (max 200 words, 
in English)
-a scan or image of the original text (or online link)
-publication information
-your full contact information

Submissions via e-mail to: 
<mailto:translatethis at uib.no>translatethis at uib.no by December 15, 

Co-presented by Frontier Imaginaries and Curatorial Practice (UiB), 
in partnership with the DAI Roaming Assembly, Veem House for 
Performance, Amsterdam Art Weekend, De Appel, the Working Group 
hosts, and core funders Mondriaan Foundation and The Amsterdam Fund 
for the Arts (AFK). Spatial design provided by 
<http://www.uglycute.com/>Uglycute. Humans of the Institution has 
been initiated through dialogue between curators Anne Szefer Karlsen 
and Vivian Ziherl.

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