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Current Issue / 317 November – December 2017
Berlin Stories
On the occasion of the first Berlin Biennale, Flash Art edited a portfolio of texts celebrating Berlin as an art city at the nexus of space, dynamism and futurity. In the aftermath of the 9th Berlin Biennale's underscoring of the surrender of the city's creative capital to capitalism, Tess Edmonson asks what's left of "the Berlin Myth."read more  
Review / November 27, 2017
Jessi Reaves and Bradley Kronz Dorich House Museum / London
For “31 Candles,” American artists Jessi Reaves and Bradley Kronz have created sculptural compositions that introduce an informal and vibrant presence to the elegantly austere rooms of former studio and home of Russian sculptor and designer Dora Gordine.read more  
Review / November 23, 2017
Willem de Rooij KW Institute for Contemporary Art / Berlin
While the eyes grow accustomed to the half-light of KW’s central ground-floor gallery, the ears are exposed to the swelling cries of sled dog communities at dusk in Ilulissat, Greenland. As if from a choir, an assembly, or a scattered crowd of wailers, their howling rises up through twelve speakers positioned around a square of benches installed in the center of the hall.
read more  
Review / November 17, 2017
Adriano Amaral Jaqueline Martins Gallery / São Paulo
In order to produce the works presented in his first exhibition at Jaqueline Martins Gallery, Adriano Amaral returned to his grandparent’s farm in Poços de Caldas, located in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.read more current issuesubscribearchive
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