[artinfo] Interdisciplinary Symposium on Activism, Research & Critique in the Age of Big Data Capitalism

Christian Fuchs christian.fuchs at uti.at
Sun Mar 26 01:44:11 CET 2017

Digital Objects, Digital Subjects:
An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Activism, Research & Critique in 
the Age of Big Data Capitalism

The 6th ICTs and Society Conference
May 20-21
University of Westminster, London
Hosted by the Westminster Institute for Advanced Studies

Toni Negri, Jodi Dean, David Chandler, Christian Fuchs, Paolo 
Gerbaudo, Orit Halpern, Kylie Jarrett, Jack Linchuan Qiu, Antoinette 
Rouvroy, Etienne Turpin

Registration, all abstracts and more info:

Presenters at the symposium will engage with questions of the digital 
in respect to activism, research and critique. The conference will 
engage with the possibilities, potentials, pitfalls, limits, and 
ideologies of digital activism. It will reflect on whether 
computational social science, the digital humanities and ubiquitous 
datafication enable new research approaches or result in a digital 
positivism that threatens the independence of critical research and 
brings about the death of the social sciences and humanities. The 
conference will explore the futures, places and possibilities of 
critique in the age of digital subjects and digital objects.

- Toni Negri: The Incorporation of the Digital Machine: A Metaphor?
- Jodi Dean: Critique or Collectivity?
- David Chandler: Governmentalities of the Digital: Mapping, Sensing 
and Hacking
- Christian Fuchs: Karl Marx in the Age of Big Data Capitalism
- Paolo Gerbaudo: The Platform Party: The Transformation of Political 
Organisation in the Digital Era
- Orit Halpern: The Smart Mandate: Ubiquitous Computing, Environment, 
and "Resilient Hope"
- Kylie Jarrett: The Digital Housewife: Labour at the Intersection of 
Culture and Economy
- Jack Linchuan Qiu: Goodbye iSlave: Rethinking Smartphone, Activism, 
and Chinese Labour
- Antoinette Rouvroy: Revitalizing Critique Against the Critical 
Sirens of Algorithmic Governmentality
- Etienne Turpin: The Same River Twice: Torrential Formations of the 

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