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n.paradoxa's MOOC (mass open online course)

10 lessons on feminism and contemporary art

Free and open to join anytime!

Browse at your own pace!

n.paradoxa's MOOC (mass open online course) on contemporary art 
(post-1970) and feminism has just opened at:


This online course was written by Katy Deepwell, editor of 
n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal.

n.paradoxa's MOOC is free and users just have to register their email 
to join it. Users can join anytime and continue at their own pace.
There are 10 lessons ranging from 'Feminism as a Cloud' to 'Feminism 
as an Avant-garde'. In addition to the lessons, there are open forums 
for people to respond to the lessons and post their own ideas for 

This connectivist model of learning is closer to femtechnet's 
description of a DOCC (rather than a MOOC) because the lessons link 
to many resources online and are designed to be read anytime at the 
user's own pace. (A DOCC= Distributed Open Collaborative Course is a 
feminist retooling of the popular genre of networked learning called 

This course is open to anyone but it is expected that the largest 
interest in the course will be from young artists, curators and 
scholars (especially 18-25 year olds) i.e. graduates and 
postgraduates needing an introduction to feminism and contemporary 
art and who wish to learn how to negotiate the internet as a resource 
for research and scholarship (without reference to Wikipedia or Ted 

The MOOC uses many resources from the internet, among them those 
gathered for n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal's website 
at <http://www.ktpress.co.uk/>www.ktpress.co.uk.

The journal, n.paradoxa, continues on a separate site to this new 
MOOC. Vol. 39 (Jan 2017) of n.paradoxa: international feminist art 
journal on Organising/Organisations (previously announced on 
e-artnow) marks 20 years of publication of this journal.

n.paradoxa's MOOC is published by KT press as an independent 
production using Wordpress and was supported by a grant from Innovate 

The motivation for setting up this online course on contemporary art 
and feminism is the scarcity of information provided on this subject 
in general course curriculums for fine art / art history / visual 
culture and the growing demand of young people for discussion of 
these issues, especially the relationship between art and politics.
This is the first MOOC dedicated to this subject and written by the 
editor of the only international feminist art journal in the field.

   <mailto:ktpress at ktpress.co.uk>ktpress at ktpress.co.uk
Katy Deepwell
Phone: 442088583331
Fax: 442088583331

KT press
38 Bellot St
London, SE10 0AQ

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