[artinfo] Training for Exploitation?

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Mon Mar 6 08:57:04 CET 2017

Training for Exploitation? Politicising Employability and Reclaiming Education

Authors: Precarious Workers Brigade

For many years the members of Precarious Workers Brigade have been 
developing insightful analyses, tools and actions questioning 
wageless and other exploitative forms of labour in the arts and 
education sectors.

This publication provides a pedagogical framework that assists 
students and others in deconstructing dominant narratives around 
work, employability and careers, and explores alternative ways of 
engaging with work and the economy. Training for Exploitation? 
includes tools for critically examining the relationship between 
education, work and the cultural economy. It provides useful 
statistics and workshop exercises on topics such as precarity, 
employment rights, cooperation and solidarity, as well as examples of 
alternative educational and organising practices. Training for 
Exploitation? shows how we can both critique and organise against a 
system that is at the heart of the contemporary crises of work, 
student debt and precarity.


Journal of Aesthetics & Protest

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