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Review /June 27, 2017
Henry Darger Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art / Chicago

What better soul to contemplate strange intersections of sex and gender, Catholic ideology and popular culture than an intensively creative yet orphaned and socially reclusive Believer? That is, someone with the kind of faith and compulsion to focus on strikingly hybrid formations of identity while also possessing an unusually determined bent for iterative bricolage?

by Brian Karl

Report / June 23, 2017
Fuori Biennale / 57th Venice Biennale

Hanging from the vestibule of the Central Pavilion, and disrupting the white rationality of the entry colonnade, is Sam Gilliam’s Yves Klein Blue (2015). Its soft and colorful draping adorns a cheerfully carefree biennial, devoted to a Eurocentric joie de vivre.

by Giulia Gregnanin

Review / June 21, 2017
Disobedient Bodies The Hepworth Wakefield / Yorkshire

With playful irreverence and a keen eye for formal associations, fashion designer Jonathan Anderson has created a level playing field for seminal works of art, iconic garments, ceramic pieces and design objects.

by Silvia Sgualdini

A Vogue Idea / June 16, 2017
Fashion is Not a Revelation: An Appeal for Critical Curation

The current exhibition at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), titled “fashion after Fashion,” promises a bold new definition of critical fashion. As curators Hazel Clark and Ilari Laamanen explain, “Fashion” with a capital F is “an inherent system of short-lived trends, idealized body types, and the presentation of gendered stereotypes, all conveyed with authority through the names of brands…”
by Matthew Linde

Review / June 14, 2017
Susan Cianciolo & Kiva Motnyk The Community / Paris 

Exhibition space and artwork merge in the presentation of the new RUN Home collection at The Community in Paris. Gathering a series of recent and past works by Susan Cianciolo, Kiva Motnyk and their collective of multiple collaborators, the show presents clothing, textiles, works on paper and ceramics in the raw interior of The Community gallery where, in the former barbershop, RUN’s objects and textile works seem at home.

by Laura Gardner

Current Issue / 315 June – July – August 2017
Slaves to Meaning / Pope.L

Jibade-Khalil Huffman:Anger, understood as political animus and the like, seems like more of a thing in this current moment as it relates to artmaking. For some people, this is a new thing, while other folks seemingly have been angry for years. Could you talk about your relationship with anger and process?

Pope.L: When I was younger, say in my teens, I was angry all the time. It was a survival thing cause everyone in my neighborhood was angry all the time. But being angry 24/7 took a lot of energy and was kind of boring. Eventually I had to make a decision about how I was going to spend my life, so I decided a little less angry had its upside. For example, being less angry allowed me to love easier, communicate better…

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