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Report / June 29, 2017
Learning from Athens Documenta 14 / Kassel

Is Greece a metaphor? Two months after the opening of Documenta 14 in Athens, the Kassel edition followed with the still-unanswered question of what we learn, have learned, are learning from Athens. It figures a lossy, allegorical Greece: a field in which critical narratives about global dispossession, austerity, migration, historical democracy, historical fascism and cultural production might alternately be thought through and acted out.

by Tess Edmonson

Review / July 11, 2017
Tobias Kaspar kim? Contemporary Art Centre / Riga

What is Anna Karenina? A depiction of a Freudian woman? A complex, realist work of fiction that excites the imagination? Tobias Kaspar sculpts a manifold portrait of Anna Karenina in his solo show at the kim? Contemporary Art Centre.

by Maija Rudovska

Il Collezionista / July 10, 2017
Mauro De Iorio

Il Collezionista is a column curated by Gea Politi and Giulia Gregnanin. Structured around a series of interviews with crucial figures in Italian collecting, the column will survey the attitudes, tastes and outlooks that have shaped a wide range of unique collections.

Gea Politi: In several interviews you’ve spoken about art as a passion. When and how was this passion born?

Mauro De Iorio: There wasn’t a real first moment. I suppose I had tendency to think in images; when I think about something, images pass through my mind. That has also conditioned my professional choices: after studying medicine at the university, I decided to specialize in image-based diagnosis.

Review / July 6, 2017
Benjamin Weissman The Box / Los Angeles

Benjamin Weissman returns to The Box with a body of work, mostly charcoals and pastels, based “in part” on a “vivid and disturbing sex dream about a gorilla.” The exhibition, titled “We Never Kissed,” in keeping with its intermittent motifs of pornography and psychedelia, engages in a certain deception.
by Jared Baxter

Current Issue / 315 June – July – August 2017
Meaning Lindsay / Lindsay Lohan

In 2012, Lindsay Lohan’s Porsche crashed into a dump truck on the Pacific Coast Highway. She was on her way to the set of the TV movie Liz and Dick, a biopic in which she played Elizabeth Taylor, released later that year. Likely afraid to exacerbate already existing antagonisms between her and the California judiciary, Lohan said her assistant was behind the wheel. She was convicted, the following year, of reckless driving and lying to police, and offered a plea deal combining community service, rehab, and psychotherapy.

by Tess Edmonson

Archive / 294 January –  February 2014
Surprising Impressions

Agnès Varda retraces her longtime affair with California and reflects on her constant quest for reinvention.

Patrick Steffen: I’ve wanted to organize this conversation since 2011, when Rita Gonzalez curated the show “Asco: Elite of the Obscure, A Retrospective, 1972–1987” in the same space where we are right now. And there was this sequence from Mur Murs (1980) projected on the wall…

Agnès Varda: I filmed the murals in a time when nobody cared about this subject; it was 1979–1980. I went to East LA and I had two insider contacts, a young mother and a priest. I admired what these people were doing on the walls. At that time most of the people coming to East LA were exploiting the murals as a simple background for fashion photos, for advertising. So I told them: “I’m just enjoying what you do, and I want to film that, because it’s interesting.” I became totally at ease in that area, even when everybody said, “Don’t go there, it’s dangerous!”

by Rita Gonzalez and Patrick Steffen

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