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Tue Feb 7 10:51:11 CET 2017

Lina Theodorou, artist and creator of the board game 'Pawnshop- Days of
Mistrust', talks with Furtherfield's Ruth Catlow about Grexit, Brexit
and crisis in Europe.


Pawnshop, the artwork that is also a board game, was set up for play,
laid out on a table in her studio. It is an inversion of Monopoly: the
same square board, the pieces, the bank, the cards, the dice. However in
this game the player starts the game with no money, only property -
jewelery, a bouzouki, antique furniture, a flat- and pays a European tax
of eu1500 when they pass Go (if they get that far).

Players proceed around the board, according to the luck of the dice,
along a path strewn with dilemmas. A second row of squares is used to
keep track of the time spent dealing with the consequences of their
choices- jail sentences, or hospitalizations for example. As they move
around the board, they pick one of the cards, depending on their landing
square, and must choose how they will respond to the given dilemmas.

Theodorou tells me that the game is based entirely in fact. For years
she has collected newspaper stories in Greece. And here they are
gathered in four categories of cards - Dilemma, Involvement, Debt and
Luck- to encapsulate the experience of daily life, for everyone, in
modern day Greece. "If you are honest you lose" she says.
Here an upbeat and colourful video sets out the rules.

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