[artinfo] Leonardo/ISAST & MIT Press launch ARTECA

Annick Bureaud anikburo at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 00:35:31 CEST 2016

A new fantastic tool and resources provided to you by Leonardo and 
MIT Press. Do check it out ! You have dreamt of it, they have made it 
(and you can suggest improvements !!!)


The MIT Press and Leonardo/ISAST are pleased to announce the launch 
of ARTECA <http://arteca.mit.edu/>http://arteca.mit.edu/ a curated 
space for essential content linking the arts, sciences, and 
technologies. The platform was built and is developed by the ArtSci 
Lab at the University of Texas at Dallas.

  ARTECA is an online portal that supports the creation and 
dissemination of scholarly materials exploring the intersection of 
the arts, sciences and technology.

With a growing collection of nearly 200 books and 300 journal issues, 
ARTECA provides scholars and practitioners the resources to bridge 
the once independent fields of art, science, and technology. The full 
text of Leonardo, Computer Music Journal, and Leonardo Music Journal 
are available in ARTECA. Books from MIT Press book series include 
Game Studies, Leonardo Book Series, Platform Studies, Software 
Studies, and Technologies of the Lived Abstraction.

If you are a Leonardo publication author, peer reviewer or editorial 
board member we are happy to offer you free betatester access-just 
drop Roger Malina an email at rmalina AT 

  We hope you will encourage your institutions to subscribe:

Join as an institution or individual: 

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