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Call for Applications


The International Year of Global Understanding 
(IYGU), le Conseil International de la 
Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines (CIPSH), 
Most-Unesco & Mémoire de l'Avenir (MDA) Call for 

GOAL: To unite artists around the world in order 
to demonstrate the involvement and contribution 
of the arts in society.
Art and culture are active agents in social, 
economic and political action. They speak to the 
solidarity between peoples, of their situations 
and ways of lifeŠ They have the ability to change 
mentalities and encourage action in every domain 
of society.

"The responsibility of an artist lays not only in 
his aesthetical research or with his/her 
intellectual impact, but also with his/her 
ability to influence, challenge, propose, 
critique, and raise awareness. The Arts are a way 
to question and to discover, while searching for 
new ways to express, to resist, to actŠ 
Expressing a unique and subjective point of view 
is an ethical and esthetical imperative. Hence, 
Arts are ways to recognize the endless 
pluralities of ideas, histories and identities. 
Arts & Cultures can contribute to an intuitive, 
sensitive and knowledgeable meetings between 
differences, leading to the recognitions
of similitudes and universalism."
Margalit Berriet President and founder of Mémoire 
de l'Avenir / Memory of the Future

YOU, artists of all forms of expressions: fine 
arts, photography, film, music, performances, 
creativewriting, poetry, numerical arts, 
architecture, culinary artists... are invited to 
create a short video (1:30 max), in which you 
express, in your native language, the role of 
artists and the Arts in Society.

Your video should respond to the following 3 subjects:
- Your motivations
- Your objectives
- The impact of your work in society

All the videos will be examined

FIRST STEP OF THE PROJECT > At least 1 video by 
country or by dialect will be presented in the 
space of an installation at The World Conference 
of the Humanities (WHC) and the International 
Year of global Understanding (IYGU) in 2017 in 

195 -206 states or languages will be represented 
approx. 5h journey around a world of artists

SECOND STEP > A larger selection of projects, 
together with the above first collection, will be 
also edited on line, constituting an active 
platform of exchange of resources, witnessing the 
richness of Cultures, ideas, engagements, 
expressions and actions.

If in your work YOU QUESTION social or political 
challenges such as ecology / nature / science / 
education / labor / limits and borders / 
migration / urban space/ collective & individual 
memories / the fight against all forms of 
inequality and discrimination / living together / 
women, children human rights... SHARE IT, AND 


DEADLINE: 30 Novembre 2016

- Your video should be send to : 
<mailto:iygu.whc at memoire-a-venir.org>iygu.whc at memoire-a-venir.org 
Your video should not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds 
- longer videos will not be considered
- Your art work should be visible or heard in the video
- Your video can/should be creative
- Your video must be recorded in your native language
- Your video must include IMPERATIVELY an English 
translation (in the video or in text attached)
- Your video must be recorded in full HD format 
(1920x 1080), H264.mov or MP4, sound -3dBU
- No pejorative connotations, propagandas or 
discriminatory statements will be accepted
- Video must be accompanied with essential information:
Name - Country - artistic medium - a short 
statement - no longer than 500 words - 1 document 
representation in English
- Video must be FREE OF RIGHTS
- Selected videos will be also available online

<mailto:iygu.whc at memoire-a-venir.org>iygu.whc at memoire-a-venir.org
Marie Berdaguer
Phone: +33951171875

Mémoire de l'Avenir
45/47 rue Ramponeau
75020 Paris

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