[artinfo] The 1st Antarctic Biennale: open call

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Wed Sep 7 14:50:47 CEST 2016

Take a chance to create your artwork on the last free continent

Application deadline: August 22-October 3, 2016


"Antarctica is the last free continent. It 
belongs to no state and, according to 
international agreements, is intended exclusively 
for creative activities and scientific research 
in the interests of all of humanity. It is pure, 
hard to reach, and mysterious-like Art itself! 
The sixth continent resembles a white sheet of 
paper, upon which artists from different 
countries might draft new visions for life in the 
21st Century."
-Alexander Ponomarev (Commissioner, The Antarctic Biennale)

The Organizing Committee of the Antarctic 
Biennale is pleased to announce an international 
open call for an artistic project to be realized 
in Antarctica, as part of the 1st Antarctic 
Biennale. Artists under the age of 35, working in 
any medium (including installation or 
performance), are invited to apply. Projects may 
be manifested on land, ice, or water, or else 
onboard the biennale's expedition vessel. 
Proposals should take into consideration the 
following aspects-logistics, mobility, 
proportionality to space, ecological 
compatibility, artistic expressiveness, and 
conceptual acuity. In accordance with the 
principles of the biennale, no materials will be 
left behind. All proposals must respond to the 
biennale's motto: "Mobilis in Mobile." For more 
detailed conditions see 

The competition jury will include Alexander 
Ponomarev and members of the biennale's Artistic 
Advisory Board-Defne Ayas, Hans Ulrich Obrist, 
Hoor Al-Qasimi and Nadim Samman.

15 finalists will receive invitations to 
participate in a group exhibition at the 
Antarctic Pavilion (Venice, summer 2017).

In spring 2017 the author of the winning proposal 
will join a group of globally celebrated artists 
(including Tomás Saraceno, Hani Rashid, Matthew 
Ritchie and more) onboard the polar research ship 
Akademik Ioffe, departing from Ushuaia for the 
Antarctic Circle to realize their projects. The 
Organizing Committee anticipates the subsequent 
re-installation/performance of the selected work 
(or its documentation) in a series of exhibitions 
at international museums in the months following 
the expedition.

We also invite video submissions to be considered 
for inclusion as part of the Antarctic Biennale 
Cinema screening program onboard the biennale 
expedition vessel (curated by Nadim Samman). 
Selected works may be included in subsequent 
exhibition projects.

The biennale's Commissioner, Alexander Ponomarev, 
had this to say about the initiative: "This is a 
biennale 'upside down': instead of the usual 
national pavilions-the icy inaccessibility of the 
Antarctic continent. Instead of pompous 
apartments and hotel rooms-ascetic cabins. 
Instead of chaotic creative wanderings, through 
receptions and tourist filled streets-a dialogue 
with big nature and an explosion of consciousness 
facilitated through the dialogues with 
scientists, futurists, and technological 

The online application process will be open on 
August 22, 2016: 

Deadline for applications: October 3, 2016 (11:59:59pm CEST)
Finalists announcement: October 2016
Winner announcement: December 2016

Project hashtags: #AntarcticBiennale / #AntarcticBiennale_Calls / #topsy_turvy

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